Down Payment Assistance Programs – How They Work, And How To Use Them

Written by Rob Beeman

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Municipal Grants Municipalities such as city, county or state typically offer grants (which are not required to be repaid) to assist purchasers with down payment and/or closing costs assistance. There usually are restrictions onrepparttar use ofrepparttar 125447 programs such as: maximum household income, number of persons occupyingrepparttar 125448 property, maximum sales price ofrepparttar 125449 property, and home buying education seminar attendance. The funds are normally replenished annually, and are available for use as long as they exist. A link to a web site that offers numbers and addresses for most state housing and finance authorities is: . Municipal Low Interest Loans The low interest loans offered by municipalities (city, county or state) are typically linked into participating local mortgage lenders and banks. The funds are secured by a second mortgage onrepparttar 125450 property and are usually not required to be paid back untilrepparttar 125451 property is sold or refinanced, orrepparttar 125452 first mortgage is paid off. The funds are normally replenished annually and are available for use as long as they exist. Userepparttar 125453 link referenced above to locaterepparttar 125454 municipalities near you to gain info on what programs are currently offered. In addition here are a few sites that are regional:

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Written by Rick Etheredge

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