Dot-Com Will Always be King!

Written by Wayne Ford

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Meaning. None ofrepparttar new top level domains meanings are as elegant or as classy asrepparttar 108313 dot-com, which can mean ‘communication’ or ‘commercial’. Dot-biz obviously stands for ‘business,’ but it sounds slangy and it also happens to mean sh** inrepparttar 108314 United Kingdom. ‘Information’,repparttar 108315 meaning of dot-info, would be perfect if it was restricted to sites with a high concentration of information about a certain topic, but it’s not. This domain is unrestricted, and can be registered by anyone. Surfers will quickly lose trust that all dot-info sites actually contain quality information. Dot-pro and Dot-name will be effective but on a limited level. To register a dot-pro you must ‘prove’ you are a professional onrepparttar 108316 topic inrepparttar 108317 domain name. Dot-name will be for individuals name only (good luck to allrepparttar 108318 John Smiths out there.)

Appeal. Surerepparttar 108319 new TLD’s, especially dot-biz, will make it easier for smaller companies to get a web address that fits their business. But will it be as appealing as a dot-com? Those businesses that have a dot-biz domain may seem to be in a different class thanrepparttar 108320 dot-com and it may be harder for them to compete. It may be worth it for them to invest more money in a dot-com domain that be ‘stuck’ with a dot-biz. Even withrepparttar 108321 recent doom of a few dot-com companies, there are many that are still going strong and they continue to breathe life intorepparttar 108322 dot-com world. The only new TLD applicant that might have been able to rivalrepparttar 108323 dot-com for appeal was dot-web. Unfortunatelyrepparttar 108324 application for dot-web was not approved by ICANN.

Bottom Line- Dot-com is established and respected. It hasrepparttar 108325 distinction of being one ofrepparttar 108326 first domain names ofrepparttar 108327 new Internet frontier andrepparttar 108328 most sought after. The new domains will make it easier to get a home onrepparttar 108329 web and will have their place inrepparttar 108330 city of Internet. But Dot-com will always berepparttar 108331 beautiful white mansion up onrepparttar 108332 hill withrepparttar 108333 brand new Ferrari out front.

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Transferring Domains

Written by Richard Lowe

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What arerepparttar disadvantages?

Transferring a domain can be confusing. Also, there is no guarantee thatrepparttar 108312 new registrar will be any better thanrepparttar 108313 old one. Again, remember that domain registration is not something that you should need to deal with very often (if you are like most people) so it may not be worthrepparttar 108314 effort to change.

Can any domain be transferred?

Yes, any domain registered with any registrar may be transferred to any other registrar.

What does a registrar do?

The registrar manages your domain name. They maintain security andrepparttar 108315 structures that makerepparttar 108316 domain work.

Does changing registrars have any effect on ownership?

No. When you change registrars you are only changing managers. You still retain ownership.

Are there reasons why a domain may not be transferred?

Yes. Some of these are listed below.

- The domain name is in a legal dispute of some kind. - The identity ofrepparttar 108317 domain name holder is in dispute or unknown. - The domain name holder is in bankruptcy. - The domain has only been withrepparttar 108318 registrar for 60 days. - The registrar refuses to transfer for other reasons.

How is a domain transferred?

This varies from registrar to registrar. Some require a notarized form to be delivered to them, others can do it using a web site form. How long doesrepparttar 108319 process take?

The registrar will usually take five to ten days to review and validaterepparttar 108320 request. Once it has been validated and put into action, it will take a couple of days forrepparttar 108321 change to filter throughrepparttar 108322 internet.

Willrepparttar 108323 web site associated withrepparttar 108324 domain be accessible duringrepparttar 108325 change?

Yes. This normally does not effect access to your web site. The registrar is changed, notrepparttar 108326 web site address and other information.

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