Doomed to Failure

Written by Bob Osgoodby

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Does that mean you immediately commit to a store and get a merchant account so your customers can pay for their orders? NO. Start your web site, and advertise it heavily. One ofrepparttar better bets is ezines or newsletters that targetrepparttar 117498 audience you wish to reach. Try to build a following on your website - consider your own newsletter.

If you are able to get a respectable number of visitors to your web site, or subscribers to your newsletter, you just might have a shot at your online store succeeding. Remember, "Content is King". If you provide good content, you will have return visitors. Return visitors are potential future customers.

Offer freebies, run contests, have guest columnists contribute; these all enhance your site. But forget some ofrepparttar 117499 hype you will run across. This does not happen overnight. Once established, will you make money while you sleep - you betcha.

Like any business, you will need a war chest. How much? If you're going to be selling a product, you'll need an inventory. But don't be likerepparttar 117500 person who bought into Equinox (see who has $5,000 worth of junk in their garage they can't give away.

Look for a distributor who will sell in small lots. Sure they will charge a bit more, and you will earn a bit less, but you're not in over your head. Ifrepparttar 117501 product moves, you can then afford to buy larger lots at a lower price.

You should then know pretty quickly if it is going to work. If it is positive at that point, move to your next level. Open your online store, get merchant status so you can accept credit cards, and move forward.

Above all, use "due diligence" in any venture you take, and you just might not be "Doomed to Failure".

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Hey Bozo, Forget Logic and Kiss This!

Written by Richard Vegas

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His first impulse was to cry out torepparttar child, "Run! Run!" Butrepparttar 117497 train was too close; his tiny legs would never make it acrossrepparttar 117498 bridge in time.

The man almost left his lever to run and snatch up his son and carry him to safety, But, he realized that he could not get back torepparttar 117499 lever.

Eitherrepparttar 117500 people onrepparttar 117501 train or his little son must die. He took a moment to make his decision.

The train sped safely and swiftly on its way, and no one aboard was even aware ofrepparttar 117502 tiny broken body thrown mercilessly intorepparttar 117503 river byrepparttar 117504 onrushing train.

Nor, were they aware ofrepparttar 117505 pitiful figure of a sobbing man, still clinging tightly torepparttar 117506 locking lever long afterrepparttar 117507 train had passed.

They did not see him walking home more slowly than he had ever walked; to tell his wife how their son had brutally died.

Now,.if you followed this story and allowed yourself to visualize and feel what actually happened, then you can comprehend that emotions arerepparttar 117508 triggers that cause us human beings to do everything we do.

If you didn't, read it again slowly and followrepparttar 117509 story until you comprehend what went through this man's heart. Obviously,repparttar 117510 story is fictional, but that is notrepparttar 117511 point. Emotions are.

Emotions sell, not logic. Logically, what should this man have done? There is no logic to answer that. You, must reach into your prospect's heart and forget trying to sell your products or services by convincing their head.

As a customer, I will not buy your product if you are trying to pressure me with hype and logic. But, I'll pay way too much for your product if you make me fall in love with it.

Emotions Sizzle! Use them..Your secret torepparttar 117512 hidden riches.

Richard Vegas 2002

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