Doom and Gloom

Written by Bob Osgoodby

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Mayberepparttar adage "it takes money to make money" is even truer than ever. The web promises almost free everything, from email accounts to web space. So, you might think, you have a great idea and since you can get all this free stuff, you can launch your business at almost zero cost.

The guy who jumps out an alley offering Rolex watches at twenty bucks a pop doesn't have much overhead. But he doesn't engender much trust either, and onlyrepparttar 119114 gullible and greedy, hoping to make a quick buck, will bite. Do you think people don't recognize that you are riding on that same free wagon, and will give yourepparttar 119115 same trust as that Rolex Guy?

OK - so we all agree that you have to show some signs of being serious. Do you think that AOL or some other ISP isrepparttar 119116 answer? You can start up a business and get a few suckers to bite within their 30 day trial period. Hey, they're currently offering 700 free hoursrepparttar 119117 first month, and if you stay onrepparttar 119118 computer 23 hours and 20 minutes a day, maybe you can use it. Who needs more than 40 minutes of sleep a day anyway?

There is absolutely no substitute for your own domain. A "no frills" domain today costs about as much per month as a "fast food lunch". If you can't afford that, you can't afford to be in business. This gives you a professional sounding name for your web site, plus an email address that doesn't scream "here today - gone tomorrow".

Butrepparttar 119119 kids just love AOL, and I don't need two ISP's, might well berepparttar 119120 argument. True, and if this isrepparttar 119121 case, just automatically forwardrepparttar 119122 email which is sent to your domain there. But set up a separate screen name used only for that purpose, and give it a name that bears some resemblance to your domain name.

Is there "Doom and Gloom" in some quarters? Sure is, and those who viewrepparttar 119123 current times in that perspective are missing a great opportunity. Those who can look beyondrepparttar 119124 "dire predictions" we hear onrepparttar 119125 news everyday, will berepparttar 119126 winners inrepparttar 119127 long run.

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Ten O'Clock Charley and Other Irritants

Written by June Campbell

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I don't recommend you install this program yourself to experiment, because it is inordinately difficult to remove afterwards. For more information, visit this link:

Ongoing discussions at:

If you've already installedrepparttar software, removal instructions are at this link:

And lastly, I'm irritated byrepparttar 119113 six varieties of spyware that I discovered installed on my computer without my knowledge. These applications suck up computer resources, take up real estate on your hard drive and slow you down while you're surfing. Worse, they gather information (who knows what?) about yourself and your surfing habits. The information is used for targeted advertising, or s sold to companies that collect information on web users. Ofrepparttar 119114 six varieties I discovered on my computer, only one --repparttar 119115 free version of Aureate Group Mail -- had been installed by myself. I had not understood that it was spyware. This spyware had gone so far as enmesh itself withrepparttar 119116 operation of my regular email client -- Eudora Pro. To discover what spyware resides on your system, tryrepparttar 119117 Ad Tracker, freely available from LavaSoft at

Enough complaining for one day. Besides, it's almost time for Ten O'Clock Charley.

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