Don'ts for Parents of Piano Students

Written by Emily Sigers

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Don't fail to cooperate withrepparttar teacher. The teacher needs your help and your child will reaprepparttar 138521 benefit.

Don't hesitate about givingrepparttar 138522 teacher a free hand inrepparttar 138523 training of your child. If you have not sufficient confidence in him to do so, it would be better to engage another instructor.

Don't expectrepparttar 138524 teacher to extend special favors to your child because you regard him or her as a little genius. If your child has exceptional gifts,repparttar 138525 teacher will soon discover them and will know how to act.

Don't give your child cause to feel that you are too closely or jealously watching his or her progress. Young people are likely to resent such an attitude. Onrepparttar 138526 other hand, don't fail to display a sympathetic interest inrepparttar 138527 work your child is doing. A bit of advice, a word of encouragement, a friendly suggestion, a little praise, if judiciously administered, will be helpful and stimulating.

*This article, written by Norman H. Harney in the May 1923 issue of "Etude Musical Magazine," is featured at The Piano Pages, along with other articles, free piano lessons, sheet music, products, and more.*

An introduction to video editing

Written by Jakob Jelling

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This type of video edition allows video and movie creators to use their imagination and manipulaterepparttar video they have captured in their PCs as they wish. Amongrepparttar 138485 many different possibilities which video editing software pieces bring, there are many different effects, transitions, and audio manipulations as well. The video's audio can be edited along withrepparttar 138486 video editing itself since audios are manipulated in different tracks, separately fromrepparttar 138487 images.

Video editing is whererepparttar 138488 final video is processed,repparttar 138489 effects added,repparttar 138490 cuts and transitions decided andrepparttar 138491 sequences placed inrepparttar 138492 final order. Afterrepparttar 138493 video editing, a home made video could look completely professional depending onrepparttar 138494 way in whichrepparttar 138495 user managesrepparttar 138496 editing software tools. Most video editing software pieces are complicated to use, but we can learn how to use them by practicing, and once we have acquiredrepparttar 138497 right amount of experience on it,repparttar 138498 product will surely be worthwhilerepparttar 138499 effort.

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