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Written by Deborah Farrell, RN

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Sensitive Skin This skin type benefits from a lower concentration of alpha hydroxyl acids andrepparttar addition of antioxidants. Physician's Choice of Arizona's pHaze #5 Nutrient Toner will heal sun damaged skin and soothe sensitive conditions like rosacea, while providing real nourishment torepparttar 141651 skin.

Moisturizers All skin types, even oily ones, need moisture. Applyingrepparttar 141652 right moisturizer to acne-prone skin will inhibitrepparttar 141653 over-production of oil inrepparttar 141654 sebaceous glands. Moisturizers can reduce inflammation, repair sun damaged skin and stimulaterepparttar 141655 production of collagen, which diminishes wrinkles. You know you have usedrepparttar 141656 right moisturizer for your skin by how it feels and makes you look.

Normal and Dry Skin

Skin that is mature with fine lines benefits from ingredients like pumpkin seed oil, olive oil and retinol found in Rhonda Allison's Regenerating Cream. It heals skin recovering from chemical peels or sun exposure.

Oily Skin Physician's Choice of Arizona's pHaze #18 Clearskin is a light textured moisturizer that reduces inflammation in acne-prone skin types.

Sensitive Skin Skin that is sensitive or is recovering from laser resurfacing or a deep chemical peel will feel soothed and hydrated with pHaze #17 Rebalance from Physician's Choice of Arizona. Men report thatrepparttar 141657 product provides relief from shaving irritations.

Sun Protection There are many over-the-counter sunblocks that claim to block both UVB and UVA rays. What you need to understand is that allrepparttar 141658 UVA rays need to be blocked if you want to avoid premature aging or, worse, cancerous lesions from developing.

Some studies have shown that avobenzone, (an UVA blocking chemical found in many over-the-counter sunscreens) is unstable inrepparttar 141659 sun and can cause sun sensitivity in some people. If you are regenerating collagen by using professional products, or are reversing sun damage with chemical peels, you really need to block as much ofrepparttar 141660 sun's UVA spectrum as possible.

Zinc oxide isrepparttar 141661 only ingredient that Skintegrity relies on to promoterepparttar 141662 health of our clients' skin, because it blocks all ofrepparttar 141663 UVB rays and UVA rays by reflectingrepparttar 141664 sun away from your skin. It comes in transparent, cosmetically elegant formulas that do not clog pores. If you play outdoor sports you can choose water resistant formulas. Wearing zinc every day isrepparttar 141665 most important health and beauty habit you can develop that may even save your life!

Normal, Dry and Sensitive Skin Applied Therapeutics SPF 30 and SPF 45 contains 6.8% zinc oxide in a moisturizing transparent formula. If you want water proof protection, Maximum Sun Protection SunSmart by Applied Therapeutics is a great choice. Dry skin needs to use a moisturizer before applying this block.

Oily Skin Sunforgettable by Colorescience is a matte finish (no shine) non-moisturizing formula that contains 12% zinc oxide. The unique powder formula makes this very water resistant sunblock appropriate for all skin types.

Conclusion We hope that this article helped to shed some light on how you can care for your skin, so that it stays healthy, youthful and beautiful. If you have any further questions, or would like a personalized consultation, we would love to hear from you. Just contact us at 866 MY SKIN 1 or email us at, and you'll be on your way to looking as youthful onrepparttar 141666 outside as you feel onrepparttar 141667 inside.

Deborah Farrell of Skintegrity is an RN with years of experience specializing in skin care. Skintegrity offers medical skin care products and skin care services for people looking for higher level skin care treatments.

Cathars,Courtly Love, and History

Written by Robert Bruce Baird

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There are many reasons to continue this history but you will make your own judgement based onrepparttar facts asrepparttar 141631 book progresses. The big question aboutrepparttar 141632 Mungo Man has not been addressed by any authors partly because it is new archaeologic information. However, inrepparttar 141633 spirit of 'mysterious possibility-thinking' we should make a stab at what isrepparttar 141634 outcome of these modern humans who were so developed long before us.

There is a wealth of information in legends likerepparttar 141635 Vedic literature and The Chronicles of Akakor among many others that refer to a type of human who is different from us. They had blue white skin and different coloured eyes like Krishna and Noah. Did they teachrepparttar 141636 poor and ignorant 'Homo Sapiens'? Were theyrepparttar 141637 original developers of many fantastic technologies that leave us unexplainable evidence likerepparttar 141638 vitrified rocks? Who was Lhasa that Churchward 'records'? Maybe allrepparttar 141639 spiritual mystics like Jesus andrepparttar 141640 Cathars were somehow related torepparttar 141641 remnants of these people or those they taught andrepparttar 141642 'Dark Ages' was an attempt by our leaders to eliminate these vestigial truths. A Cornell mathematician byrepparttar 141643 name of Richard Thompson has authored and co-authored excellent scholarship that would support these 'possibilities'. We are sure that legends are proving to have more truth than myth inrepparttar 141644 archaeology that consistently disproves 'his'-story. It would seem likely that even if couldn't interbreed and produce offspring (At some point there is a good chance they developed genetic means to incorporate with us and leave no traces, just as we are able to clone and do similar things today.) we think they enjoyed sex with us.

This may explainrepparttar 141645 grottos where Sibylls and Oracles were known to hang out. It may explainrepparttar 141646 deep underground city in South America. The Vedic literature says they spent a lot of time in these places we know in all legends asrepparttar 141647 underworld. Can you think of what they might have done? Could they really have developed flying craft andrepparttar 141648 ability to workrepparttar 141649 kind of magic we can today? They had more time to do it! The Lupercal in Rome andrepparttar 141650 devotions torepparttar 141651 grotto in all kinds of places may have been a different kind of sacrifice. There are some practices amongrepparttar 141652 'mystery schools' and evenrepparttar 141653 'Skull & Bones' Society of today that suggest they need certain ingredients ofrepparttar 141654 human body and head. Maybe when de Vere (who wroterepparttar 141655 foreword to Gardner's recent Bible Narrative about Anunnaki orrepparttar 141656 Elohim, as well as his own book) isn't kidding when he says we are 'food for their table'.

Weird! Isn't a good enough word for it! Crazed on power and deviate beyond imagination are just words that ridicule and achieve no feeling forrepparttar 141657 horror and obscenity of these practices. We have covered some of these matters in other places but we haven't dared to really go into great detail. The UFO material or other things that aren't just a cover forrepparttar 141658 'black ops' and secret military operations, as they would have us believe, might have some roots in this 'possibility' too. What use would they have for our soul? It is so scary that Hubbard (Scientology's) and his Body Thetans or Napoleon's vision inrepparttar 141659 Pyramid might make sense along with Saunière’s words on his Rennes castle ('This Place is Terrible'). And yes there were large caverns and grottos that held some awesome things there, if this is true. The whole matter of secrecy and propaganda or politicians and their lies, would begin to make sense.

If Hindu and eastern philosophy (the largest number of humans) has these legends and beliefs, no wonderrepparttar 141660 Catholics wanted to controlrepparttar 141661 knowledge and call it heretical. The witches were their consorts and had to be killed. It makes sense in a totally disgusting way. No! I'm sure allrepparttar 141662 Crusades were actually what they said they were. Forget you even read this ridiculous 'stuff'. John Adams and his 'Dragons' orrepparttar 141663 Sarkeny Rend Rosicrucians have more to tell us, and how did they ever infiltraterepparttar 141664 Christian church? When you go down this road there is truly a "Terrible" conclusion. No wonder love is hard to find and life was worth sacrificing for all so many good souls inrepparttar 141665 Forum or trying to braverepparttar 141666 oceans to get away from what our leaders were doing. Forget it ALL! But remember we haverepparttar 141667 future of our children to think about, even if we aren't concerned about what really isrepparttar 141668 'greatest good' for our 'brothers' and other life forms. Did I sense these 'visions' when I lived in Seth Adams' old home near Boston? Who knows? I don't. It was once an insane asylum and that is not irony either.

This kind of thinking also makes sense ofrepparttar 141669 Nazis and other reprobates of history. Their interest in Rennes was more than prurient perhaps even more than pecuniary, as some suggest. I've often told myself it can't be this bad and yet I wonder. Why?! Why do we continue to dorepparttar 141670 things we do to each other and this awesome and beautiful earth? How couldrepparttar 141671 Pyramids hold so much knowledge? Is it time to ask some questions and endrepparttar 141672 'black ops' or secret agencies? JFK thought so, and we know what happened to both he and Khrushchev after they agreed to endrepparttar 141673 Cold War. I suppose it is true that history repeats itself and I know there aren't enough good questions onrepparttar 141674 table, or even enough people who are capable of 'thinking'.

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