Don't get ripped off at the pump.

Written by Julius Simmons

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Scenario 3- Is a variation of number 2. This time whenrepparttar attendant checksrepparttar 101922 oil, he seesrepparttar 101923 level is truly a half quart low. He tellsrepparttar 101924 customer that they are a half quart short and makesrepparttar 101925 sale. He tops offrepparttar 101926 level and offersrepparttar 101927 remaining half quart torepparttar 101928 customer, who of course refuses. Who wants to put a messy half quart of oil in their car? He returns that half quart torepparttar 101929 rack. When another customer comes in a half quart low, guess what happens? He’s now soldrepparttar 101930 same quart of oil to two different customers.

Scenario 4- This scenario is similar torepparttar 101931 last one except whenrepparttar 101932 attendant goes to get a bottle of oil to put inrepparttar 101933 car, he takes a bottle that's already empty fromrepparttar 101934 rack and goes throughrepparttar 101935 same procedure. -Julius Simmons.

Julius Simmons is a 38 year old man from South Orange, New Jersey. He's the webmaster at BOOM & POUND ((((Auto & Sound))))

Research and the gathering of information

Written by Jason Preece

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‘AND’, ‘+’ or ‘Must include’: Blocks results that don’t haverepparttar keywords that were inputted within a site.

‘OR’ or ‘Should include’: Will allow sites with one or more ofrepparttar 101921 keywords that were inputted.

‘NOT’, ‘-‘ or ‘Must not include’: Prevents sites containing keywords that have been specified byrepparttar 101922 user from being listed.

If a string of keywords are contained by “speech marks” these will be searched for as if they were a single word. E.g. “A hotel in Paris” would list primarily allrepparttar 101923 hotels in Paris whereas A hotel in Paris, without speech marks, would list a lot of hotels that might have nothing to do with Paris.

Searching methodology

Without some sort of plan, it will be easy to get lost amongrepparttar 101924 myriad of web pages out there onrepparttar 101925 Web so it is important you keep track of:

1.What you are searching for. 2.Where you have been. 3.A list of URL’s (Uniform Resource Locator) you wish to follow up on.

Some of you might laugh, but it’s easy to get distracted and it’s important that, if you are searching for a specific piece of information, you do not get sidetracked.


It is important, when you are collecting information, that you have an understanding ofrepparttar 101926 Copyright Laws. This basically means when you are storing your information make sure you display who wrote it andrepparttar 101927 site that you got it from.

Information organisation

What do you do with allrepparttar 101928 information you collect? Lots of people just copy and paste onto poorly labelled documents into non-descript folders and then wonder why they can’t find it whenrepparttar 101929 meeting is in ten minutes.

Labelling is important. One ofrepparttar 101930 greatest mistakes I often see is when people insist in using some sort of code to define whatever contents they have e.g.: ‘foot86Engwcg’ = ‘1986 world cup, English football team, goalie’, I mean, what’srepparttar 101931 point in using code. We don’t have any restrictions saying we have to use no more than a dozen letters, do we?

When creating a document, always save it with a name describing whateverrepparttar 101932 content is about. Saverepparttar 101933 document into a folder that has been clearly marked with whatever topic it is meant to hold.

That may seem long-winded but it becomes invaluable when your research begins to grow and you end up with over a thousand documents or book-marked sites. It will also improve your chances in finding any particular document inrepparttar 101934 future when usingrepparttar 101935 search facility.

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