Don't be shy

Written by Elena Meerovich

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they should be overlooked. Wearing good lingerie is an ideal way of pampering yourself a little bit every day. We wear good lingerie first and foremost for our own pleasure and not to please others. Lingerie must be a perfect fit, on no account should it pinch or dig into your flesh - and it should reflectrepparttar personality ofrepparttar 143539 wearer. Treat yourself to some pretty lingerie which makes you feel wonderfully feminine, sexy feel confident and good about yourself. When you put this on inrepparttar 143540 morning, you feel goodrepparttar 143541 whole day.You feel like a woman.

Don't be shy:feminine,flirty frocks and supersaturated colors lend you a self-assured attitude. No one has a perfect body but it's very important for woman not to be afraid to look and feel female an seductive.

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Plus Size Fashion Tips: Whatís Hot this Summer

Written by Maya Matthews

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Green is a particularly popular colour this season, so go for chocolate, gold and forestry colors which can easily be matched with green.

Accessories should be an important part of your wardrobe this season also: be ready to stock up on some fun, exotic and feathery earrings, necklaces and bracelets. Whatís very popular are peacock feather earrings.

And donít forget those trendy pair of metal sunglasses! Besides protecting your eyes fromrepparttar blazing sun, I think sunglasses are a vital part of a summer outfit, as they complete a look and style. Retro and metal styled sunglasses are sizzling hot this season.

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