Don't You Quit!

Written by A.Z. Alfred

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If you have chosen to read on, this is what I have to say.

Hold on to your dreams! Refuse to quit. Quitters never win and winners never quit. Take your time. Take a long walk. If you live inrepparttar city like me, take your long walk through city blocks. If you are inrepparttar 135749 countryside, you have a better advantage. Takerepparttar 135750 long walk through that vast field, befriending nature onrepparttar 135751 way.

Don’t just walk tucking your hands in your jacket pocket like a detective. No! Go over those plans of yours again and again as you walk. Rewrite if need be, there is great power in writing down. Don’t tell me you have a retentive memory. Write them down. You already have so much in your head, so write your dreams and plans down, paste it where you can see it everyday. Overrepparttar 135752 washing sink: beside that mirror, your restroom door. Paste it on your computer so you could see it as you chat with friends.

Then set out to bring it to past, ignoring those mountains, for mountains (which are your challenges) most times are made out of molehills and storms in teacups.

Tell yourself, “ I won’t quit until I get what I want. There is a YES behind every no and a solution to every pressing problem confronting me. I will find it.” Close your eyes, take a deep breath and say to yourself, “I have crossedrepparttar 135753 rubicon, and there’s no going back. I will either get a big hit with my plans or I will have to hang on longer than Abraham Lincoln.”

Say to yourself, “ I have gone too far from where I started from and I’m not giving up. Never!”

And as you seek your dreams with hands and feet unwearied by labors, remember thatrepparttar 135754 dawn is not far in coming.

A.Z. Alfred is a writer and a motivational speaker whose greatest pleasure is observing the world through a window while listening to inspirational songs. Coming soon, “Haiku with love” An inspiring poetry collection by A.Z. Alfred. To be published by Author House, USA

5 Tips to Eliminate Overwhelm & Accelerate Action

Written by Beth Tabak

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4- Schedulerepparttar Significant Stuff First~ We are so responsible that we cast asiderepparttar 135692 things that will makerepparttar 135693 biggest impact in our lives. Or maybe it is fear that holds us back. In any event, addrepparttar 135694 important things to your schedule as a priority and move towards what you want.

5- Systematize~ Consistently look to create systems to save time. Remember how time is saved by having a system to mowrepparttar 135695 lawn. When something new goes in a cabinet something old comes out. Return calls and check e-mails at scheduled times daily. Throw junk mail inrepparttar 135696 trash immediately. Give your items a home so nothing is ever lost. Schedule blocks of time to handle tasks inrepparttar 135697 various roles you hold. Automate. Keep a running list of items you need and errands, then handle at once. Systematizing with regard to a person’s strengths and passions is even more advantageous.

Resource~ You are welcome to userepparttar 135698 complimentary Get Things Done Task List. Send a blank e-mail to , confirm your request inrepparttar 135699 follow-up e-mail, and you should receive it in minutes.

This isrepparttar 135700 time to step up torepparttar 135701 plate. Putrepparttar 135702 breaks on overwhelm and accelerate action by takingrepparttar 135703 first step… Starting Now!

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Beth Tabak is a Business & Life Coach, columnist, & owner of Starting Now. She coaches small business owners and professionals to step out in a big, bold way to grow beyond limits, stand out in the crowd, and experience the vastness of their capabilities. Resources, tools, and information at .

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