Don't Write Like You Think...Write Like You Talk

Written by Paula Morrow

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One warning: Just beware of how you use repparttar variations of your-you're; their-they're-there; and when to use it's or its. If you're not sure how to use them, choose other words to make your point.

Feel free to lean heavily onrepparttar 108182 action verbs (jump, run..) and descriptive adjectives. Just don't go overboard...there's a fine line between genuine enthusiasm and hype.

Write in brief paragraphs, to keep your readers engaged, like in a conversation, and moving rapidly downrepparttar 108183 page.

Need more ideas to get started? Tryrepparttar 108184 following:

*Tape-record a conversation. Describe your product/services to your friend, your spouse, your pet. Any audience that you feel comfortable with, so that your words flow and your enthusiasm takes over.

Then, play it back. You'll soon pick up on your own unique presentation style. Now, convert that into words.

*Create punch throughrepparttar 108185 careful use of capital letters. You can use initial caps (Capitalize The First Letter Of Each Word), or USE ALL CAPITAL LETTERS. Use this last sparingly, since online, capital letters = shouting.

*Translate physical expressions into words. Rememberrepparttar 108186 above example of Bob Gatchel, and his trademark . You could also use or ;-) for a , or .

* If you talk dramatically, use ellipses (...) for dramatic effect

* State your message, then say it again in a different way. You never say something exactlyrepparttar 108187 same, twice, in conversation. So restate your offer a number of times - you never know which version will connect with your audience.

*To make an aside comment, use parentheses (like this)

There are a number of ways to inject your personality into your words. Think about it, loosen up, and make that personal connection.

Through necessity, you have to communicate through a machine...but there's no need to write like one too!

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Copywriting Successes and Failures: A Comparison Of the Good and Bad

Written by Karon Thackston

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Then there arerepparttar ads that are just extremely targeted . A few headline examples are:

Karon, FREE 30-Day Sample of HGH – One problem with this is that I don’t need Human Growth Hormone. The other problem is that clickingrepparttar 108181 email launches one of those automatic scripts that take you directly torepparttar 108182 site. Something I personally can’t stand! I also get at least 3 of these annoying things a day. With me, chances are that ifrepparttar 108183 ad pops up a screen when I click it, I deleterepparttar 108184 thing beforerepparttar 108185 screen even finishing loading.

Health Discovery! No Diet! No Exercise! – Allrepparttar 108186 exclamation points immediately let me know that this is a hard sell scam. Not to mention, I have trouble keeping weight ON… not off. This one was deleted without reading any further due to simple irrelevance.

Approved and Ready! – The copy of this ad simply stated: “Your home refinance loan is approved! To get your approved amount, go here.” Hmmm… if memory serves me correctly, I never applied for a home loan. Click!

As you can see, all of my first impressions were based onrepparttar 108187 subject line. Other factors inrepparttar 108188 ad copy contributed to my final decision about whether to look intorepparttar 108189 offer. The subject line, however, wasrepparttar 108190 single playing card as to whether I would read ANY ofrepparttar 108191 copy.

Final notes: putrepparttar 108192 majority of your time into developing your subject line. Then test, test, test to getrepparttar 108193 best results. Also, make very, VERY sure your mailing list is targeted. With allrepparttar 108194 options today for segmenting lists, you haverepparttar 108195 luxury to email your ads to a group much more specific than “women over 30.” The more targeted you can get,repparttar 108196 better your response will be.

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