Don't Worry, Be Happy, AND WRITE!

Written by Jeff Colburn

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Q: What is a publications response time? A: You can find this in each publication's, or publisher's, guidelines. I usually add a month before sending them a follow-up letter.

Q: What should I have in a follow-up letter? A: Keep it simple. I just say this, "On (date) I sent a (manuscript or article) to you titled (title). Would you please update me as torepparttar status of my (manuscript or article)? Thank you for your time. Sincerely, (your name)

Q: How do I simultaneously submit a story? A: If you are sending a manuscript to more than one publisher at a time, simply write a cover letter as normal, but towardrepparttar 129737 bottom include, "Be advised that this proposal (or article) is being reviewed by other publishers (or publications).

Q: What is standard manuscript format? A: First, be sure to read each publication's guidelines. Proofreadrepparttar 129738 entire manuscript, and be sure to use spell check. Onrepparttar 129739 first page inrepparttar 129740 top left corner put your name, address, phone number and social security number. Onrepparttar 129741 top right corner putrepparttar 129742 word count. Onrepparttar 129743 following pages put your last name, manuscript title and page number inrepparttar 129744 top right corner. Print your manuscript on white, 20 pound, 8 1/2 x 11 paper and do not use a dot matrix printer. Use only one side ofrepparttar 129745 paper and have a 1 1/2 inch margin on all sides. Double-spacerepparttar 129746 entire manuscript. When done, make a copy ofrepparttar 129747 manuscript, and send outrepparttar 129748 copy. Keeprepparttar 129749 original for yourself. And ALWAYS include a SASE.

Q: How do I write a cover letter? A: Keep it simple. A cover letter simply says, "Hi. Here's my story. Here's where I've been published (if you have been). Thanks." My cover letters follow this format:

My name and address


Their name and address

Dear Mr. X,

"One Per Customer" isrepparttar 129750 story of a futuristic murder mystery, where we findrepparttar 129751 murderer is ourselves, in a very abstract way.

My writing has appeared in numerous publications, including: "Aphelion," "Twilight Times," "My Sister's Secret Place," "Erotic Fiction by Rose," "EWG Presents," "Planet Magazine," "Hadrosaur Tales," "Realm Of The Vampire," "Realm Of Darkness," "Cutter Magazine," "Newsbits Weekly," "Forty-Niner Newspaper," "Western Photographer Magazine," "National Management Association Bulletin" and "Art Direction and Design of Orange County Newsletter."

I look forward to hearing from you soon.


Jeff Colburn

Jeff Colburn is a freelance business writer. He can be reached at his site, The Creative Cauldron (, or at

Ah, Come On Baby, Stop Teasing, Show Me, Show Me, Show Me (Show, Don't Tell)

Written by Jeff Colburn

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Would they smell bad breath or an orange tree in bloom? Would they feelrepparttar baking heat ofrepparttar 129736 Sahara summer, or an ice cube being drawn down their neck? Would they taste their own blood during a fight, or a slice of chocolate cheesecake from a five star restaurant? Would they hearrepparttar 129737 deafening roar of a jet engine just yards away, orrepparttar 129738 soft whisper of their lover's voice in bed next to them? Would they seerepparttar 129739 ghastly carnage of war, orrepparttar 129740 face of their newborn child?

I think you getrepparttar 129741 picture. Don't assume thatrepparttar 129742 reader will, or can, fill inrepparttar 129743 gaps. It's your job to describerepparttar 129744 scene in enough detail so that your reader sees and feels in their mind what you saw and felt in yours, as you wroterepparttar 129745 scene. But be careful not to go overboard on detail. This is whererepparttar 129746 skill of a writer really shows.

So studyrepparttar 129747 world around you,repparttar 129748 magnificent and mundane, and convey this in your writing.

Jeff Colburn is a freelance business writer, and can be reached at his site, The Creative Cauldron ( or

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