Don't Upgrade Operating Systems!

Written by Paulina Roe

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If you want to take a chance on keeping your errors, then install overrepparttar first operating system. It won't fix errors, but it won't in all likelihood destroy all your data, either. The only way to get allrepparttar 107856 errors off is to format your hard drive and reinstall. By formatting, you WILL lose ALL your files on that drive. Neither choice is very appealing, to tellrepparttar 107857 truth.

I opt for a clean slate - back everything up and reinstallrepparttar 107858 full operating system plus all your drivers and software. I have been working on a SICK laptop for 2 weeks - because of a dirty upgrade. I had to format and reinstall everything. Once I did that, we didn't have a driver, so my partner upgradedrepparttar 107859 Windows 98 - but there was NO WAY to get it to work correctly again. So I re-formatted and reinstalled everything again. Now that I won't let him touch it anymore, it works like a charm, and we turn it back to its owner repaired. (Oh yes - and still able to get support fromrepparttar 107860 company because it has its original operating system in it - they will not support it if we upgrade!)

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Are You a Candidate for Carpal Tunnel or Other Problems?

Written by Pauliina Roe

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Your Mouse should be directly torepparttar side with your arm close to your body, with no reaching. Your arm should have a straight line from your hand to your forearm. The wrist should not be elevated. There is a great mouse positioner and even a cordless mouse that can helprepparttar 107855 situation - at http:/

Laptops are a poor design for comfort. Ergonomically speaking - they are awful. It is tough to position it to a comfortable or ergonomically ideal position, not to mention gettingrepparttar 107856 heat off! To adjustrepparttar 107857 laptop in as comfortable, and as ergonomically correct position as is possible, you should look intorepparttar 107858 LapGenie laptop desk. It takesrepparttar 107859 heat off your lap and putsrepparttar 107860 laptop in a good working position. Seerepparttar 107861 LapGenie at

Using allrepparttar 107862 above suggestions, you should be able to avoid many problems that result from improper ergonomic conditions. Adjust your office settings for optimal ergonomic conditions. If only Americans would get intorepparttar 107863 ergonomic mindset likerepparttar 107864 Canadians do - we'd have less problems!

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