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The second consideration is 'Bandwidth'. This isrepparttar amount of information (inrepparttar 108231 form ofrepparttar 108232 web pages and images you build your website with) thatrepparttar 108233 server will send to people visiting your website. You see, each time a website is visited,repparttar 108234 person looking at it is actually downloading to their browser (as opposed to ‘downloading to disk’) that is, they are being sent allrepparttar 108235 information that makes uprepparttar 108236 web page being viewed. This all adds up to bandwidth and in a hosting plan it is referred to in Gigabytes (1 Gb =1000 Mb) per month. Starting out, you will find 5 - 10Gb per month absolutely plenty. You can generally update or increase these limits easily and cheaply.

Other considerations regardingrepparttar 108237 needs of your home business website are more complex and involve things like how many email accounts you can have, as you will no longer need to rely on your ISP email or free accounts with MSN or Yahoo etc. You will have your own domain and will have email addresses which you will name, like ' This is far more impressive and professional thanrepparttar 108238 'dime a dozen' free email accounts that everyone has.

Other facilities you may have or want available for your home based business website are Guestbooks, Forums, Databases, SSL (secure socket layer), Shopping Cart, FrontpageÒ Extensions (allowing you to userepparttar 108239 popular MicrosoftÒ website building and editing program FrontpageÒ). There are so many options, most of which you may not understand or need at all, ever, but some you will.

One specific option which a home business website, especially Affiliate related, should have available isrepparttar 108240 ability to create FREE and either unlimited or numerous 'Sub-Domains'. This facility allows you to create mini websites (although they may not be so small) within you main Domain. For instance, if your domain name is a 'generic' name like and you are marketing brooms, you can create a separate website with a URL, which will look like this . You can do this as many times as you are allowed sub-domains and it is extremely handy and cost saving for Affiliates and those who wish to 'diversify' but not have to get a new domain for every product. This is why it is wise to choose a domain name which is 'generic', which means it has no specific meaning and can be combined with anything and not look out of place. For instance, if you choose, then you can hardly use it in a website which deals with Viagra!! ( ??? ). Although, there are some strange looking domain names out there??!!

Stephen Brennan runs the 'Home Based Business and Affiliate Center' -, is publisher of 'Home Based Biz' newsletter and is the author of 'The Affiliate Guide Book' - The Definitive guide to becoming a successful Internet Affiliate (at little or no cost) - available at

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