Don't Panic If You Forget

Written by Ron Sathoff

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To prevent embarrassment, you should also to always have a back up to your memory -- a few notecards with a simple outline of your speech is always nice to have, even if it remains in your pocketrepparttar whole time.

Finally, remember that audiences are usually more forgiving than we normally give them credit for. Most groups don't care if you have to stop to take a look at your notes, as long as you provide them with good information.

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The Power of Simple Awareness

Written by Gloria Reibin

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Early inrepparttar twentieth century, physicists began to formulaterepparttar 102093 concepts which they calledrepparttar 102094 Quantum Theory. Their findings implied thatrepparttar 102095 finer levels of reality wererepparttar 102096 most powerful. Experiments proved them to be right. Split an atom, you have atomic energy. Splitrepparttar 102097 nucleus of an atom, you haverepparttar 102098 even more powerful nuclear energy. They've found more and more finer levels of reality lead to an idea, a thought, a beingness.

Where am I going with all this? What I'm about to say is less of an analogy, more of a reality, but you can take it anyway you want.

Thought is most powerful at it's source, which isrepparttar 102099 state of simple awareness. When these creative people found answers to questions and solutions to problems, they found them not when they were thinking about them, but when their minds were quiet, at rest.

When Dr. Cohen said "We're too busy trying to make things happen in our favor rather than naturally let things happen in our favor," it meant to me that we have to pull back, quiet our minds in order to know how to proceed. We've got to trustrepparttar 102100 still, quiet part of ourselves. We need to set aside some time each day to experience that simple awareness.

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