Don't Look for Your Soul Mate

Written by Rinatta Paries

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Then, once you find him or her, follow five suggestions below to build a relationship:

1. Don't melt intorepparttar other person, but instead be strongly yourself.

The more you are yourself,repparttar 101919 stronger your bond withrepparttar 101920 other person has a chance of becoming. That is if each of you -- being yourselves -- enjoys being withrepparttar 101921 other.

2. Don't try to be nice and don't give just to be loved or liked. Just be.

In a long-term relationship, one that hopefully will last forrepparttar 101922 rest of your life, you want to just be and have that be enough, have that be appreciated. So just be inrepparttar 101923 beginning -- it will either be good enough, maybe even extraordinary, or not.

3. Don't rely on each other too much.

Don't need each other to fix life, emotional or financial problems. Emotions and loyalties get confused when new partners try to save each other. Keeprepparttar 101924 relationship clean and be together because you want to, not because you need to.

4. Slow way down.

Takerepparttar 101925 relationship very slow. Savor each milestone:repparttar 101926 first time you hold hands,repparttar 101927 first kiss,repparttar 101928 first afternoon spent together. Don't rush in search ofrepparttar 101929 holy grail of "relationships." If you end up together, these "firsts" will only happen once. If you don't end up together, you are more likely to endrepparttar 101930 relationship sooner and more cleanly if you have not rushed in headfirst.

5. Build a friendship.

Building a good friendship takes time, effort, risk, communication, compassion, honesty. Do it - it is this friendship that will serve as a foundation of your relationship.

Now doesn't this sound better thanrepparttar 101931 cycle of finding love and then losing it again?

Your Relationship Coach, Rinatta Paries

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Stress Prevention in a Word - "No"

Written by Robert Cooper

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One idea to clue others in to your current work load is to keep a very visible dry marker board near your desk or in your office. Use it to write downrepparttar tasks or projects you're working on. Check offrepparttar 101918 items completed and leaverepparttar 101919 one's yet to be finished onrepparttar 101920 board until you've done them. Add new requests torepparttar 101921 board as they come in. A visible check-list will keep you from procrastinating on simple tasks -- acting as a constant reminder. And, you might deter someone from giving you another project if it's obvious you've already got more than you can handle.

Passrepparttar 101922 buck whenrepparttar 101923 buck needs passing ============================ If your task and assignment list is built from internal office assignments and a new request comes in from your supervisor, use their authority to your favor. Allow them to adjust your priority list for you. Allow them to bump a project or move back it's deadline. If necessary, allow your supervisor to take responsibility for promises you can't keep to others (if they arerepparttar 101924 reason that you can't). If you do that -- it is very important that others are notified ofrepparttar 101925 schedule or deadline changes and thatrepparttar 101926 changes were made by those in authority over you. This will relieve you of unnecessary pressure and stress. Is this passingrepparttar 101927 buck? If you were in a car accident that was clearly not your fault, knowing all ofrepparttar 101928 implications that go along with responsibility, would you takerepparttar 101929 blame for it? Probably not. The same should hold true for less complicated situations.

Put yourself in their shoes ============================ What if you ordered a product as a holiday gift -- if it didn't arrive in time becauserepparttar 101930 company couldn't meetrepparttar 101931 demand of orders, wouldn't you rather them be upfront and honest and tell you no -- that they can't deliveryrepparttar 101932 gift in time? Think about how upset you would be! Think about how upset others would be if you took on more than you can handle and didn't haverepparttar 101933 time or energy to fulfilrepparttar 101934 request.

Maybe that anti-drug campaign slogan "Just Say No" should get a new face forrepparttar 101935 21st century. Instead of bumper stickers, maybe it should be printed on coffee mugs or flash as screen savers. And if we find ourselves still struggling to say no when we've already maxed out our to-do list, maybe we can just add it torepparttar 101936 to-do list as priority number one.

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