"Don't Leave Home Without It." I say, "Don't Leave Home With It."

Written by David Moore

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Look, Iím 55 years of age and Iím definitely notrepparttar product ofrepparttar 135086 internet generation. But I have a burning desire for my wife and I to be able to visit our children at our leisure, to watch our grandkids hit home runs in Little League or do ballet, to pay off our debts, to take that ocean liner cruise weíve always dreamed about, and to contribute to worthy humanitarian causes. Thatís why I decided to become an at-home business entrepreneur. And itís beginning to pay off. This time next year I fully expect to be earning at least $8000 a month from my on-line business while working 2-3 hours a day - maybe even earning a lot more than that, but I donĎt want to overstaterepparttar 135087 possibilities.

Speaking of possibilities, our youngest son is a third year pre-med student who wants to study and treat infectious diseases. What a joy it will be to contribute to his medical education (without having to borrowrepparttar 135088 money) so he can immediately put his practice to use rather than having to first earn money to pay off his medical bill.

Do you have similar dreams? Then start your on-line business now. Let me give you one final thought. The other day I was mowing our grass. I enjoy doing this chore. I could hire someone to do it for me, but itís relaxing to me. So I cranked uprepparttar 135089 engine and started pushingrepparttar 135090 mower. Because part of our yard is on a sloperepparttar 135091 pushing became a little more strenuous. But wait, I bought a self-propelled mower to eliminate this stress. It finally dawned on my that I had not pushedrepparttar 135092 lever down to activaterepparttar 135093 self-propulsion ofrepparttar 135094 mower. Why did I tell you this story?

Because thatís how it is with an on-line work-at-home business. You donít just startrepparttar 135095 engine and suddenly it goes on auto pilot while you rake inrepparttar 135096 monthly commissions. First you have to activaterepparttar 135097 lever. In other words, it takes some effort on your part to getrepparttar 135098 business up and running - a few months - then it in fact does go on auto pilot - and all you have to do is steer it inrepparttar 135099 right direction. And just likerepparttar 135100 sense of pride and accomplishment I feel when I look atrepparttar 135101 beauty of a freshly cut lawn, your business becomes a sense of pride and accomplishment as you enjoyrepparttar 135102 benefits of what it has brought to you.

About the Author: David Moore He is a home based online business entrepreneur, and teaches part-time at a University. He has completed post graduate programs in both Cross Cultural Communications and Higher Education Administration. If you would like more information on his online business, please visit his website at: DavidMoore.ws


Written by David Moore

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Look at it this way. You can put $10 a month in savings for 5 years and atrepparttar end of that time you will have earned $600 plus some interest. Invest that same amount in Global Domains and you'll make more than that a month....and a lot more with a little extra effort. And if after a 7-day FREE trial period you decide it's not for you, you lose nothing.

Sorepparttar 135085 decision is yours. Sit back and relax while you're savings account earns pennies, or spend a couple of hours every day or so at your computer working as a Global Domains affiliate. What I am offering you is a solid business opportunity, and while it wonít go away, as time passesrepparttar 135086 wealth it generates will become more and more difficult to access asrepparttar 135087 internet generation comes of age. So donít let it pass you by without getting your share ofrepparttar 135088 profits. If you have any questions, e-mail me at dvdmr11@msn.com or call and ask for Dave at 417.848.5099. May Godís grace lead you as you discoverrepparttar 135089 answer to your financial needs.

About the Author: completed post graduate programs in both Cross Cultural Communications and Higher Education Administration. He believes strongly that the application of all self-generated wealth must include a provision for giving back to the commmunity, the church, and other worthy causes. If you would like more information on his online business, please visit his website at: DavidMoore.ws

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