Don't Get Grief From Ezine Readers : 10 Reasons To Always Use A "Double Opt-in" Policy For Your Email Newsletter

Written by Dr.Mani Sivasubramanian

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And that is a good thing. Because those that remain arerepparttar serious prospects, people who are really interested in you, your product, your service. They are potential customers.

So here are ten reasons to go down a double opt-in route.

With double opt-in, you can

1. Attractrepparttar 117442 most interested, responsive target audience as subscribers

2. Gain respectability and professionalism for your ezine by behaving responsibly

3. Quickly establish a trusting relationship with readers

4. Ensure most subscribers will actually read your ezine, since they asked for it - twice

5. Enhancerepparttar 117443 value of your ezine to advertisers who can now reach receptive opt-in audiences

6. Improverepparttar 117444 effectiveness of your ezine as a marketing vehicle for your own product and services

7. Have documented proof that subscribers asked to be included on your mailing list

8. Avoid mischievous people signing up someone else's email addresses for your ezine

9. Save yourself time and money otherwise spent handling complaints from angry 'subscribers'

10. Spare yourselfrepparttar 117445 anxiety and anguish of being shut down by your ISP, or worse, legal action

For all these reasons and more, a double opt-in subscribing process is today's 'gold standard' for ethical and responsible ezine publishing.

Short cuts work inrepparttar 117446 short term. Inrepparttar 117447 long run, however, quality and professionalism in your ezine publishing efforts will reaprepparttar 117448 greatest rewards.

Here are a few more resources that explainrepparttar 117449 most effective ways to grow your list quickly -- and ethically!

Jason Potash's Ezine Announcer at

Paul Myers' Amazing List Machine at

Dr.Mani's Ezine Marketing Tips at

Good luck and happy e-publishing

(c) 1996-2002 by Dr.Mani Sivasubramanian.

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Dr.Mani has been marketing with ezines for over 5 years. Join his FREE 7 day Ezine Marketing Email Course and discover the #1 secret of ezine marketing.

How To Sell Your Home Instantly & For Full Value

Written by Edward A Hopkins Jr

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Complete Your Sale FAST: Conventional lenders typically insist that you "accept" an offer before they will process a loan application. In effect they require that you terminate all your selling efforts while they evaluaterepparttar loan application. If they reject your Buyer weeks or sometimes months later, you've got to restart your selling program from scratch-often in a less desirable selling season.

The Easy Mortgage Money system avoids these problems. We provide a financing commitment before you accept an offer. You can continue your sales program while your selected Buyers completerepparttar 117441 enclosed Uniform Residential Loan Application and mail or fax it to us along with Request for Quote Worksheet. Unlessrepparttar 117442 application requires special follow up withrepparttar 117443 Buyer, we'll normally provide you with one or more financing alternatives within two days. The buyer sees onlyrepparttar 117444 alternatives that are acceptable to you.

When you and your Buyer accept one of those proposals, we will formalize our commitment in a legal contract. This enables you to accept your Buyer's offer and proceed to closing with confidence. We use a streamlined underwriting process that requires far less documentation. Funding normally occurs within three business days of our receipt of that documentation.

Start Today: If you have access to a personal computer,repparttar 117445 enclosed disk provides an informative introduction torepparttar 117446 EMM system. Whether or not you reviewrepparttar 117447 disk, please reviewrepparttar 117448 enclosed Seller's Guide. It provides step-by-step instructions and helpful tips on how to sell Instantly and For Full Value.

Thank you forrepparttar 117449 opportunity to sell your property

Instantly and For Full Value

To your speedy, full value sale,

Enclosures: "How To Sell" brochure "Start Your Fast, Full Value Sale" Disk Easy Mortgage Money Sellers Guide Helpful Forms Click Here To Register then callrepparttar 117450 Newspaper and putrepparttar 117451 MAGIC WORDS in your ad.

20 years investing and mentoring ,Now reveals 6 steps to sell your property Instantly & For Full Value Here It is You can even try it with No Cost Or Commitment.

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