Don't Forget These Memory Tricks

Written by Steve Gillman

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Some Other Memory Tricks

Tell yourself to remember. When you learn a person's name, for example, tell yourself, "remember that". This signals your unconscious mind to rank this input as more important.

Know WHY you want to remember something, and HOW you'll remember it. To remember a person, for example, ask why they'll be important to you inrepparttar future, imagine where you'll see them next, and connect that to anything you notice about them. Seeingrepparttar 142725 importance of remembering really helps, and additional associations (where you expect to seerepparttar 142726 person next) setrepparttar 142727 memory more firmly in your brain.

Do you ever forget where you put your car keys? You've probably tried retracing your steps, at least doing it in your imagination. This can work well, but even better is to preventrepparttar 142728 forgetting beforehand. When you setrepparttar 142729 keys onrepparttar 142730 chair, see yourself walking in and settingrepparttar 142731 keys onrepparttar 142732 chair. You won't forget where they are.

There are many more of these memory tricks. If you want them to be useful, though, don't just read about them. Make a memory technique or two into a habit, starting today.

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Our Intuition and Instincts are our Friends

Written by Ellen Zucker

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Nonetheless, intuition speaks to us in many ways.

It can berepparttar reaction of your body to a person or a situation.

You tense up around threatening people.

You experience an uneasy feeling inrepparttar 142653 pit of your stomach when you have to operate in a situation where something is "not quite right." Sure, it looks fine onrepparttar 142654 surface, but there's more torepparttar 142655 story than meetsrepparttar 142656 eye.

Intuition worksrepparttar 142657 other way, too. Some people and places feel easy and comfortable. We feel strong and recharged around them.

They are good for us. We just accept it. We feel no need to question.

There are many applications torepparttar 142658 use of intuition in our personal and business lives. We tend do well in settings and around people that support our abilities and support us emotionally.

Your intuition can be a divining rod leading you to those settings. By monitoring your feelings, your reactions, your energy levels, you can determine whether something or someone is good for you.

A feeling of uneasiness, queasiness should serve as a red flag when, say taking on a new client, a new project, a new partner, a new job. Then it is time to call in your powers of logic, observation and analysis to ferret outrepparttar 142659 reasons why you are feeling this way.

More often than not, your gut will warn you before you are able to seerepparttar 142660 landmine.

I suggest looking at intuition and logic as two complementary ways of processing information. Ifrepparttar 142661 two aren't pointing inrepparttar 142662 same direction, more likely than not, you don't have all ofrepparttar 142663 information.

Proceed with caution.

And when they do pointrepparttar 142664 same way, you can be confident that you onrepparttar 142665 right track.

Then it's full steam ahead.

Ellen Zucker has been succesfully self-employed for over 10 years.

Her website,, has articles and resources to help the creative sole-proprietor earn a living and create a life.

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