Don't Discount Offline Business Opportunities

Written by Kathy Burns-Millyard

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4. You can specialize in a business like this. One specialty that comes to mind is to place your vending machines in health related establishments - health food stores, vitamin shops, doctor or dentist offices, etc.

Then, instead of putting regular candy into your machines, you could offer sugar-free treats instead. Withrepparttar raging epidemic of diabetes and obesity inrepparttar 116832 U.S. right now, couldn't you imagine how popular a sugar-free vending machine might be? Especially with doctors and health related establishments? You could also offer mixed nuts, granola bites, or any other combination of healthier snack alternatives.

5. You can grow this business as slowly or quickly as you'd like. Small vending machines can be purchased for less than $50, and most ofrepparttar 116833 small snack or "gum" machines are less than $100. By starting with one inexpensive machine and a decent location, you can make up your investment in just a few short weeks... or less!

If you re-invested your earnings by purchasing just one new machine each month, you'd have 12 byrepparttar 116834 end ofrepparttar 116835 year. And they'd be fully paid for too! So everything earned is yours to keep.

So, whether you want a little additional income each week, part-time supplemental income, or full-time business income - take a look at vending machines. Once they're in place, there's very little work on your part... but an ongoing stream of income for you to enjoy.

To get you started today, here's a great resource for finding inexpensive vending machines online. I think they might actually berepparttar 116836 cheapest vending machine source I've ever seen. -- Vans Vending -


Open Source Office Software

Written by Ed Zivkovic

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Note: There are thousands of people giving away all types of free software programs riddled with scumware which produces undesirable effects uponrepparttar user and their PC's. This is a topic of continual research at I suggest that all who wish to use these nasty but handy little downloads getting aroundrepparttar 116831 Internet to actually readrepparttar 116832 agreement before installing.

Jealously Guarded Secrets

Why would some Internet Marketing Developer tell you aboutrepparttar 116833 really good stuff that you can get for free? It would not serve their PayPal account if they did. Furthermore, many affiliates seem to keep these jealously guarded secrets to themselves because they want to squeeze every dollar out of their subscriber list. Hell, I even know of Internet Marketers who have no outbound links on their site unless they are affiliate links.

I myself do not mind outbound links on my site if they will serve my readers. For example, I could be an affiliate for a number of HTML editors out there, but I openly show my readers where to get a fully working 100% Free HTML editor at my site:

I have recently been giving support to a successful Internet marketer in regards to this basic HTML editing tool and FTP-ing because they have been taught to use a what you see is what you get editor that performs FTP as well. They needed help because they have been deliberately kept inrepparttar 116834 dark with a non-free program that is not as good a free one.

Some developers of non-free software can hardly wait to get a barely working stable version out there intorepparttar 116835 marketplace. As soon as it "barely works", they send a broadcast to all their affiliates telling them that they arerepparttar 116836 first to know and that they should email their list immediately with this hot new profit making, time saving software. Some affiliates recommend software even though deep down inside they know that it is not as "crash hot" asrepparttar 116837 sales page claims. (This of course assumes that they even own a copy.)

Not only that, I have hadrepparttar 116838 experience of reporting bugs to a couple of developers but my emails go unanswered. They do not seem to care because as far asrepparttar 116839 developer is concerned,repparttar 116840 promise is fulfilled as advertised. Their job is now to spit out another project in order to repeatrepparttar 116841 process.

Tip: Before you buy a software program, why not do a quick search forrepparttar 116842 term "open source _____" and addrepparttar 116843 name ofrepparttar 116844 type of software you want, just to see what results come up :-)

The author, Ed Zivkovic owns his own website which contains articles with all sorts of tips for work at home webmasters. Here isrepparttar 116845 site:

The author, Ed Zivkovic is a self-taught webmaster. His website contains articles with all sorts of tips for work at home webmasters. Here is the site:

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