Don't Count Your Chickens Before Your Eggs Hatch

Written by Shelly Rich Friedling

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Don't neglect outside opportunities: pass out business cards, make specialized auto tags, magnets, pencils, feather caps, whatever might be appropriate for YOUR type business; join organizations, talk to people atrepparttar grocery store checkout or your child's ballgame, conduct a local class or volunteer to present a free seminar atrepparttar 127330 communicty center...Use Your Imagination! How many IPAs a day? Just depends on how much you want back.

It's important to cater to your present customer now too; you want to retain them. Remember THEY are your most valuable asset-they ARE buyers, and know others!

I like to do my KGA (Keep it Going Activities) right after a major accomplishment; trying out new software to see how I might improve efficiency or presentation, revising/editing website content, reviewing data, implementing plans to improve those places which are lacking or deficient, updating keywords...this is sort of my 'round tuit' list! These activities primarily are forrepparttar 127331 benefit of current customers.

After all, a bird inrepparttar 127332 hand is worth two inrepparttar 127333 bush.

(c) Shelly Rich Friedling

Shelly Rich Friedling, a long time entrepreneur, is currently acting as Editor/Publisher of Success*Strategies, an ezine for creative sales and marketing strategies.

The Power of Belief and Expectation

Written by John Boe

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ten prospect cards,repparttar businessman instructed him to callrepparttar 127329 prospects immediately and report back after he had finished. One week later,repparttar 127330 enthusiastic salesman decided to drop byrepparttar 127331 businessman's office to give him feedback and to ask for more referrals. The insurance agent was pleased to inform him that he had been very successful! He said he had already contacted and sold insurance policies to eight ofrepparttar 127332 referrals and was still trying to contactrepparttar 127333 other two. He enthusiastically thankedrepparttar 127334 businessman for providing him withrepparttar 127335 ten prospects and then asked him if he had thought of any other people to refer? The businessman smiled and said that he was very busy atrepparttar 127336 moment and shockedrepparttar 127337 insurance agent by handing him a phone book. The businessman explained that he had selectedrepparttar 127338 previous ten prospect names at random out ofrepparttar 127339 phone book and thatrepparttar 127340 insurance agent could go ahead and getrepparttar 127341 next ten for himself.

The clever businessman taughtrepparttar 127342 new insurance agent an extremely valuable lesson inrepparttar 127343 power of belief and expectation. The salesman had made those sales onrepparttar 127344 belief that he had been given ten preferred prospects. Therefore, he was confident and eager to contact those leads and expected to makerepparttar 127345 sales with little or no difficulty. What is your belief about your market and what expectations do you have for your success? Yes, belief is indeed a very powerful state of mind!

John Boe, based in Monterey, CA, is recognized as one of the nationís top sales trainers and motivational speakers. He helps companies recruit, train and motivate quality people. John is a leading authority on body language and temperament styles. To view his online Video Demo or to have John Boe speak at your next event, visit or call (831) 375-3668.

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