Don't Buy Your On-Line Marketing Articles From Article Factories

Written by Elizabeth Kirwin

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The Expert Interview In my company,, we take an original approach to article writing and syndication. We’ve developed a tried and true method of working with professionals who do not haverepparttar time, orrepparttar 150554 expertise to write well. I call itrepparttar 150555 expert interview. This is a technique that writers all overrepparttar 150556 world use everyday. Syndicate Original Ideas Here’s howrepparttar 150557 expert interview goes. I telephonerepparttar 150558 mortgage company I work for and askrepparttar 150559 gentleman who is a partner inrepparttar 150560 company what strikes his fancy for topics this month. He replies, “I’d like to write an article about stated income and no doc loans.” I know nothing about mortgages, or this type of loan, but I’m about to learn a great deal. I ask him questions and take copious notes. Sometimes, he will e-mail or fax more information to me. I develop an article based on this interview. The client then approves or editsrepparttar 150561 article. Then I post it to 20 sites which editors regularly visit for free content for their web sites, e-zines, or print publications. In 3-6 months, this article is all overrepparttar 150562 internet. In one year’s timerepparttar 150563 article is still alive and being published even more widely onrepparttar 150564 world wide web, because it is professionally written and communicates valuable ideas. Receiverepparttar 150565 Accolades and Qualified Leads The client receivesrepparttar 150566 byline. He or she also basks inrepparttar 150567 glory and accolades from this educational writing. The client has admirers on-line, and he or she answersrepparttar 150568 telephone or e-mails coming from qualified individuals interested in purchasing his or her product or services. Whenrepparttar 150569 client answersrepparttar 150570 telephone, he or she has to have some idea aboutrepparttar 150571 topic that’s been written on. It’s not something that can easily be faked. The expert interview ensures that he or she does have this knowledge. It’srepparttar 150572 client’s expertise and their idea that maderepparttar 150573 story. Because of this, I feelrepparttar 150574 client does deserverepparttar 150575 byline. They also deserverepparttar 150576 stream of new business they receive from geographical areas they could not otherwise afford to penetrate. If you’re buying articles from places like article factory: stop it. It’s better to proceed with original ideas. This way you can earn yourself a great ‘virtual reputation.’

Elizabeth Kirwin has published work in national magazines and newspapers. She is co-owner of Sidhe Communications in Asheville NC. She develops web sites, newsletters, brochures, and internet marketing plans for businesses, non-profits, and health care ogranizations nationally. For more information, e-mail

Tracking & Troubleshooting for Increased Sales

Written by Diane Hughes

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Once you have narrowed down where your visitors are coming from and which ads are pulling best, you’ll want to be sure visitors have a good buying experience when they reach your site.

You know your site. You are familiar with which pages link to what and howrepparttar shopping cart works. First-time visitors will have no clue! Don’t assume your site is a breeze to navigate. Pay attention to elements like:

• ease of navigation, • shopping cart application, and • location of “help” buttons & links.

Make every effort to give your shoppers a simple and quick way to buy from you.


Conduct A Survey

Conduct a survey of your visitors. Find out if they were able to locate what they were looking for. Ask how their experience with your payment gateway went. Question how their contact with customer service was. One simple way to do this is to create a survey using Survey Monkey at They offer some simple and free survey tools. Just load up your questions and postrepparttar 150371 link on your site. (To getrepparttar 150372 best results, you’ll want to offer a gift orrepparttar 150373 chance to register in a drawing to thank visitors for takingrepparttar 150374 time to participate.)


Ask a few people who have never been to your site to take it for a test drive. Make sure these folks know they should give their honest opinions. Sugarcoating problems might boost your ego, but it certainly won’t boost your sales.

By taking a little time to give due attention to how your visitors make their way to your site and what happens once they arrive, you’ll stand a much better shot at increasing your profits. While it may take a while to gatherrepparttar 150375 information you need, this short-term sacrifice will reap some hefty long-term benefits.

Diane C. Hughes *

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