Don't Blame Me If I'm Fat!

Written by Jim Foster

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Is a low-carb / low-fat (take your pick) snack bar really that good for you? Take a look atrepparttar ingredients list - can you decipher all those numbers? Do you understand what a 'partially hydrogenated oil" is?

What about those great 'health' bars forrepparttar 131481 kids - they even haverepparttar 131482 healthy tick on them (indicating they are recommended byrepparttar 131483 American Heart Association). On closer inspection those 'healthy snacks' are nothing but lots of refined sugar, some white flour, trans fats, and a host of other chemicals. But hey - they're low in fat so they must be good? Right?

Findingrepparttar 131484 Right Food

It's a nightmare. What exactly is good for you? Who do you believe? Next time you see those bright colors, and eye-catching ads - do your own inspection ofrepparttar 131485 ingredients list - you might be surprised.

Recently we bought some cranberry juice for our young daughter who had a slight urine infection - knowing that cranberry has some useful medicinal properties. Like any frazzled parent, having time to stand and stare atrepparttar 131486 nutrition panel while shopping with children is a rarity. That night our daughter had trouble getting to sleep, and woke up 3 or 4 times inrepparttar 131487 night. This is unusual for her.

On closer inspection ofrepparttar 131488 so-called cranberry juice - we discovered that only 30% is actually cranberry, andrepparttar 131489 rest is water and 'high fructose corn syrup' - a chemically altered sugar with a fair share of (anecdotally) noted poor health affects.

What Is The Answer?

If obesity had a simple cause, don't you think we would haverepparttar 131490 answer by now? Good diet and exercise arerepparttar 131491 answer - but when we have large corporations spending millions to make us buy their food - it doesn't seem so simple anymore. Go figure - profit inrepparttar 131492 food industry is made by either people buying more food, or sourcing/manufacturing basic ingredients at less cost. How does good nutrition factor in this? Are you starting to getrepparttar 131493 picture?

There is no miracle weight loss cure - no diet plan that will fit everyone. The only long term answer is understanding how your own body reacts torepparttar 131494 foods you eat. Weight loss is not a 6 week program, but a lifelong commitment to good nutrition and lifestyle. is a resource for everything concerning losing weight.

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Low Carb is High Dumb

Written by Dr. Donald A. Miller

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Side observation: a chunk of land producing balanced protein from grains and legumes can support about 20 times as many people asrepparttar same land producing four legged meats. Oh, andrepparttar 131479 people getting most of their proteins and calories from plant sources are far less likely to have heart attacks, strokes, cancers, et cetera, thanrepparttar 131480 big meat eaters.

I have written elsewhere that selecting sensible foods means one never has to count calories. I'll go further and say that most carbohydrate restrictions are dumb.

Here arerepparttar 131481 only carbohydrate restrictions I recommend. all refined sugars (cane, beet, high fructose corn syrup, sorghum molasses, maple syrup, etc.) beer in large quantities anything made from white flour, even if "enriched"

If you have a craving for sweets that you just can't break (which I don't belive), learn how fruits and nuts together can taste very sweet. Also,repparttar 131482 unsaturated fat inrepparttar 131483 nuts (or edible seeds, such as sunflower) will satisfy hunger with no risk torepparttar 131484 arteries. My favorite is raisins and almonds, perhaps with some fresh red delicious apple slices.

Pasta, preferably made from whole grains, is healthful, if not served with lots of cheese, oil, sauces which contain oil, sugar, cheese. Noodles with little meat is a main menu item inrepparttar 131485 Orient.

Oh, about carbohydrates in potatoes: they are harmless if you don't add butter, margarine, fat from frying, sour cream for topping, and other insults to a great food. People in parts of Central and South America eat little more than potatoes of traditional breeds.

** Diet with FACTS, not MYTHS. **

Dr. Donald A. Miller is author of "Easy Health Diet", "Easy Exercise All Ages", and numerous free articles on health Seven of ten deaths are caused by preventable diseases.

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