Don't Be So Quick To 'Blame Others'....You May Be Next"

Written by John Evans

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Plus info on how many lines, number of characters, how often, and any other instructions.

The reason I bring all of this up is that every once in a while I read about someone being "blamed" for sending SPAM, when they aren't even guilty.

Andrepparttar person doingrepparttar 101934 yelling may not even realize that THEY arerepparttar 101935 one that's wrong. Like I said above, sometimes people forget they subscribed.

Most ezines keep real good track of their subscribers, by keeping copies ofrepparttar 101936 original request. They also may have a very easy way to unsubscribe, usually a clickable link that you only have to Click On, then click Send.

Very simple, and very quick to do. And takes a lot less time to do then writing out a SPAM email.

So, if in doubt, don't be so quick to blame others, because someone just might (falsely?) blame you next!

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If You Try To Learn It All At Once...You'll Never Get There

Written by John Evans

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So, what's a person to do...?


Get your own domain name! You want others to KNOW that you're a business person.

Learn to make a web site. Doesn't have to be a BIG site; one page is a good start. Then gradually add to it.

Making your own web site is not as difficult as it may seem. Get a good web site program and GO TO WORK ON IT.

Find at least ONE good program to sell, AND SELL IT! There are many good programs all overrepparttar Internet, so what are you waiting for? (But, make sure it's something that will be of value to, and benefit your visitors.)

Already have an idea for an online business? Great! Then do something with it NOW! Not next week.

What are you waiting for?

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