Don't Be Like Needle Nose Ned

Written by Kevin M. Stirtz

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There are two easy ways to know if someone is really interested in your product or service.

First, if they ask you questions, then they're interested. It doesn't mean they're ready to buy but it does show interest. Usually,repparttar more specificrepparttar 138375 questions become,repparttar 138376 more interested they are.

Second, if they are willing to commit to something, they are interested. If they will commit to meeting with you, it's a good sign they are interested in learning more. If they commit to giving you information about themselves or their business, then they probably have some interest. Or, if they are willing to do some work, such as putting together some information and bringing it to your meeting. That's a very good sign they're interested in what you might be able to do for them.

Once someone is interested in your product or service then you need to determine if it's right for them. You ask questions and get to know them. When you determine your product or service can do what they want done, then you ask forrepparttar 138377 order.

Asking forrepparttar 138378 order any sooner than that tells people you either don't understand your role inrepparttar 138379 sales process or you don't care enough to help them accomplish their goals.

Either way you're sendingrepparttar 138380 wrong message.

The world has changed. People are more informed and more assertive. They want help in accomplishing their objectives. They want help making better decisions. They want you to earn their business by bringing real value torepparttar 138381 table.

So, if you're involved in selling (and most of us who own or manage businesses sell something), don't be like Needle Nose Ned.

Kevin is the president of Coffee News Twin Cities LLC, a national trainer for Coffee News USA and an online marketing blogger/columnist for where he writes "Better Local Marketing." He can be reached at or

Tips On Overcoming Sales Resistance

Written by Ken Levine

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If your customer would preferrepparttar status quo (resistant to change) vs. what you have to offer…they may not seerepparttar 138374 value in your product or service. If your client asks you…why should I do business with you? How do you respond? Before you read my recommendation on how to respond to this question…pause for a moment and write down your answer. If your answer is all about better service, better quality, faster time to market, more experience etc. get ready to loserepparttar 138375 next sale ifrepparttar 138376 question comes up. A response to consider when asked …why should I do business with you? Might be “Maybe you shouldn’t. Although we’ve worked with many companies similar to yours, our products/services might not make sense for you. Where do we go from here?” Acknowledgerepparttar 138377 customer’s resistance. It will help to defuse a tense moment. Take your time, work onrepparttar 138378 relationship, STOP selling and focus on findingrepparttar 138379 real problems and concerns of your prospects. Then show them how you can make their problem go away.

The author, Ken Levine, is an executive sales coach who works with business owners and their sales organization to help them be more effective at sales and leads generation. Visit or write

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Ken Levine is an executive sales coach working with successful business owners helping them to find new opportunities, distinguish themselves form the competition and convert the prospects to new clients.

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