Don't Be A Slave To Your Things

Written by Steve Gillman

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Cash is king. The price may seemrepparttar same, but put those things on a credit card and, with interest, you'll pay a lot more. Cash means you have to save and wait a little for things, but you can buy more and have less stress. Credit cards providerepparttar 145802 illusion of a richer life. Escaping debt gives yourepparttar 145803 reality.

Finally, learn to understand costs and benefits. A friend once came torepparttar 145804 realization, using pen and paper, that his jetski cost him $300 for every hour he used itrepparttar 145805 first year. Loan interest, gas, insurance, depreciation, repairs, licenses - these things add up. And he thought it was too expensive to pay $100 per day to rent one! Considerrepparttar 145806 real costs of things, and look for a cheaper way, or at least make an honest decision that it's worth $300 per hour to you.

Your things should be making your life better. If they aren't, you need to start looking at them differently. Don't let your things own you. Change your approach.

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The Key is In Your Hands

Written by Kenia Morales

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You may not notice it but,repparttar key to a better World and life is right in your hands.

Your Friend,

Kenia Morales


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