Don't Assume You Can't Do It, Just Because Conventional Wisdom Say's You Can't

Written by Josh Hinds

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I'd like to use myself as an example. The simple fact is if you were to look at absolutely any of my tests, etc. and judge me solely on that basis you'd say there was no way I'd have been fortunate enough to experience many ofrepparttar things I've done. Please don't assume I am tooting my own horn here, ok? The point I am trying to make is simply this...

The tests may have been correct. I might have been "better suited" in other areas of life. Things might have come easier inrepparttar 123986 short run had I chosen another career choice. The thing is that I wanted to take my own path so much, that through my own life experiences I was able to figure my way around many ofrepparttar 123987 stumbling blocks I've run into.

Certainly I've made my share of mistakes. I've missedrepparttar 123988 boat on a whole lot of opportunities as well I'd bet. Perhaps things might have even been a bit easier had I followedrepparttar 123989 advice of others andrepparttar 123990 tests I'd taken. The thing is though, I'd have missed so much. I'd have missed a whole lot of happiness alongrepparttar 123991 way as well. Perhaps most of all, I'd have missed sharing this very writing with you. My friend, follow your dream even when conventional wisdom might suggest otherwise.

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Written by Rhoberta Shaler, PhD

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It is useful to break your goals down into three categories: current, near future and far future. Once you have put your future goals into your subconscious mind, they are begun. It is not only action that is required. Keeping your goals inrepparttar forefront of your mind is key. Thoughtfully craft your current goals. Know how you will measure your success and plan for it.

Think big! Think limitlessly. Think "out ofrepparttar 123985 box". People are often limited by their minds unwillingness to stretch. Remember what Napoleon Hill said: "...if you can conceive it, and believe it, you can achieve it!"

If you find yourself surrounded by people who are ‘thinking little’, it might be difficult to find support and acceptance for your big plans. You may have to include some new associates who want to play ‘big’, too! You have probably heard that, if you want to run withrepparttar 123986 big dogs, you have to get offrepparttar 123987 porch! Jump off that porch and get running!

Reflect onrepparttar 123988 biggest view of your life--your master plan. Is it big enough for you? Does it cause you to stretch to get your arms around it? If not, think a little bigger and see where it takes you. If it does, be sure you have plannedrepparttar 123989 route that will get you there. Then, follow it. As you embark on each task today, ask yourself, "Am I onrepparttar 123990 road to my vision by doing this?" If not, make a correction.

Go big or go home! That one little phrase keeps me on my toes.

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