Donít fall into the same trap as most affiliate marketers.

Written by Mike Linley

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Here are 5 techniques that will dramatically add active prospects to your list.

1.Submit articles aroundrepparttar web regarding your niche and have your biography link go to an opt-in page. You'll be amazed at how well this technique works in building a list.

2. Pay per click isrepparttar 149151 easiest way to immediately begin getting traffic. Send all of your paid traffic directly to your opt-in page, then haverepparttar 149152 person land on a page that pre-sellsrepparttar 149153 product they were looking for. Make sure to test this, sometimes your conversions onrepparttar 149154 front-end can fall, but they will increase over time.

3. I have found Ezine ads are a great way to quickly and cost effectively boost my list. Write an ad promising a "free membership or information" and sendrepparttar 149155 traffic to an opt-in page.

4. Viral marketing takes some time to kick in but can be extremely effective! Other affiliates will spread your message acrossrepparttar 149156 Internet and displayrepparttar 149157 links to your opt-in page.

5. Overrepparttar 149158 longer term use linking strategy this option is a bit more work, so only use it once you have tested and know that you have a winner. Start trading links with related websites and you will see a great boost in traffic.

If you donít see immediate results donít give up, persevere and you will make it, but only if you donít quit! Understand that you should be building a long-term affiliate business with related residual income streams and not just something that makes you a few dollars per sale. If for any reason you stop advertising, you want to be in position to still have a solid business with a good income.

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Getting instant traffic to any website - from marketing to nursing to pink elephants it really can be done

Written by Suzanne Verita

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Prices vary among pay per click search engine, but minimum prices per click is US$0.01 per click. However, more popular search terms and keywords that are highly contested may fetch a higher price. If you placerepparttar highest bid for a particular keyword then your site will rank high inrepparttar 149113 pay per click search listing for that particular keyword. You can expect more clicks on your sites link since it is now prominently displayed. However, you should not focus onrepparttar 149114 amount of clicks you get but rather onrepparttar 149115 conversion and return of investment. Thus, pay per click may be a great method of bringing in traffic, but your site must offer whatrepparttar 149116 prospective client is looking for so that he will make a purchase or avail of a service.

The most popular pay per click systems inrepparttar 149117 internet today includes Google Adwords and Yahoo's Overture. They offer excellent opportunities for website owners since these arerepparttar 149118 two most popular search engines inrepparttar 149119 web today. Meanwhile, there are other categories of pay per click engines. These arerepparttar 149120 Keyword pay per click and Product pay per click. What we have discussed above isrepparttar 149121 keyword PPC. A product pay per click, onrepparttar 149122 other hand, lets advertisers provide "feeds" of their product databases. Whenever a user searches for a particular product,repparttar 149123 search engine offers links to different advertisers with priority given to those who pay more. However, product pay per clicks letrepparttar 149124 user sortrepparttar 149125 results by price so that they can chooserepparttar 149126 lowest priced product.

I myself do indeed co-own a website themed onrepparttar 149127 subject of nursing and although my rankings are terrible throughrepparttar 149128 use of PPC traffice I am able top generate an amount of traffic that any self respecting webmaster would be more than happy with, Best of all its 100 percent targeted traffic. The best bit opf advice I could give on this subject is test as many different PPC services as you can as some work best with different subjects. The most successful ofrepparttar 149129 big boys will tell you that testing isrepparttar 149130 secret. Spend a few dollars testing and once you ge it right try another subject, Why stop when you have found something that works.

Suzanne Verita is the owner of Start Nursing which is a premier source of information about nursing. For more information, go to:

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