Donít be a Sucker

Written by Maricon Williams

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Giving of wrong information may be made deliberately or otherwise. Why do this mistake and other related mistakes occur? Ifrepparttar misinformation was a deliberate act, thenrepparttar 119203 personnel must be held liable forrepparttar 119204 deception. If it is onrepparttar 119205 negative, several reasons may have caused it. In many cases, it is caused byrepparttar 119206 incompetence ofrepparttar 119207 person answeringrepparttar 119208 phone atrepparttar 119209 local Social Security field office. Usually, he is referred to as service representative, he is not someone who actually works on cases called claim representatives. He may also lack knowledge about claims. That places you both in equal footing.

Often times also, mistake is due to human error Ė either onrepparttar 119210 part ofrepparttar 119211 social security office or claimant. Social security disability and SSI are complex and technically hard division ofrepparttar 119212 law. Its complexity can tend to confuse or mislead especially ifrepparttar 119213 social security disability process was not clearly explained torepparttar 119214 applicants.

Regardless ofrepparttar 119215 reason why, information dispensed byrepparttar 119216 Social Security Office should never be taken totally at face-value, consultation ofrepparttar 119217 same to an experienced lawyer in connection withrepparttar 119218 matter is highly recommended. Also, if you are in doubt, you must ask questions to another person in authority of your claim. Know your rights. Defend your stand, for you to be able to gain a favorable aftermath.

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Doctors can help you in your SSI case

Written by Lala Balattan

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Medical statements need to be detailed and substantial. Withoutrepparttar support of objective medical findings, little or no consideration, at all, will be given to a physicianís medical opinion by an Administrative Law Judge. While writing out his diagnosis of your condition, gently remind your physician to explain allrepparttar 119202 details, especially,repparttar 119203 diagnosis which supports your claim of disability, even your bodyís limitations(e.g. level of inability too sit, stand, walk, stoop, crouch, grasp, reach or otherwise move) and your prognosis.

Remember! Generally,repparttar 119204 rule is that you cannot be approved for social security disability or SSI based on disability if you are not examined by a medical provider at least once every two months. It is best to abide by your prescribed medications, too. Inrepparttar 119205 end, whether you took your prescribed medicine or not may affect how your impairments are viewed. In fact, judges will often deny claims in which claimants did not take what was prescribed. The fact thatrepparttar 119206 claimant had no means by which to obtain their needed meds is generally irrelevant to an ALJ at a disability hearing.

Professional medical opinion is very important inrepparttar 119207 presentation of an SSI case. The doctor/physician isrepparttar 119208 only one qualified not only to state that a person is disabled but, rather, explain in detail, why a person is disabled. As such, these statements from qualified medical practitioners can greatly improve a claimantís chances of being awarded continuing and past due benefits.

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