Don’t Take The Romaji Short-Cut When Learning Japanese

Written by Stephen Munday

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This could be a person who is going to be living in Japan for a period of time, whether as a teacher or a businessperson, or someone who travels regularly to Japan for meetings.

If you are in this group, you should first master hiragana and katakana before you even start with any other aspect ofrepparttar language. Then, when you do begin, you can dive right into a "proper" Japanese textbook.

Hiragana and katakana are not at all difficult to learn. I learned them part-time in a couple of weeks. Even kanji can be learned fairly rapidly by a motivated and well-organized student withrepparttar 146214 right tools.

2. The Hobbyist

Perhaps you don’t have a burning need to learn Japanese. You are doing it for pleasure, or because you are planning on visiting Japan.

If this is you, then your options are more varied. However, even in your situation, I would not suggest starting with a Romaji textbook. Instead, I would recommend you begin withrepparttar 146215 spoken language. If you are wondering how you can do this if you are not in Japan, check outrepparttar 146216 Pimsleur method. Sure, it is a little expensive even second-hand. The point is that you will be able to speak and understand enough for a short trip. Once you have completedrepparttar 146217 course, you can then decide whether you wish to stop there, or continue studying in a more serious manner - in which case you then followrepparttar 146218 Serious Student method I mentioned before.

Learning to speak and listen will keep your language-learning fun, whilst not undermining any future serious study by getting you used torepparttar 146219 Romaji crutch.

So whatever your motivations are and whatever your needs, if you can avoidrepparttar 146220 Romaji crutch, you will pick uprepparttar 146221 language better and be well-placed to make rapid progress inrepparttar 146222 future.

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Stephen Munday lives in Japan and is the creator of where you can download images of over 2,200 names in kanji or get a romantic calligraphy gift. This article is © Stephen Munday 2005. Permission is given to reproduce this article in whole with the URLs correctly hyperlinked.

Public School Sex-Education Classes --- Bad News For Parents And Children

Written by Joel Turtel

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• In Stephens County, Georgia, parents were shocked to discover that their fourteen- and fifteen-year-old daughters had been driven to a birth control clinic by a public school staff member without their knowledge. The county clinic administered AIDS tests and Pap smears torepparttar girls and gave them birth control pills and condoms. The school denied parents access torepparttar 145945 test results and defended its actions onrepparttar 145946 grounds thatrepparttar 145947 counselor believed that she was doing what was best forrepparttar 145948 girls.

• The Pacific Justice Institute filed a lawsuit on behalf of parents againstrepparttar 145949 Novato [California] Unified School District for authorizing pro‑homosexual presentations without any prior notice or consent. According torepparttar 145950 Pacific Justice Institute Press Release, “The presentations entitled “Cootie Shots,” exposed elementary school children as young as seven years old with skits containing gay and lesbian overtures. The presentations were followed by question and answer sessions about what constitutes ‘normal’ families and acceptance of those who chooserepparttar 145951 homosexual lifestyle.” 6 (see Notes in "Public Schools, Public Menace")

• Carol (last name withheld for privacy), a schoolteacher, couldn’t believe what she was being asked to teach in her sex education class. The curriculum forced her to show second-graders pictures of nude boys and girls and ask them to name body parts. School authorities told Carol and her fellow elementary school teachers that there were no absolute moral rules, so she shouldn’t be concerned about what she had to teachrepparttar 145952 children.

Parents, it might be advisable if you periodically asked your children if their school is giving them sex-education classes and whatrepparttar 145953 school is teaching in these classes.

If these classes force your children to sit through shocking, obnoxious, or embarrassing sex-education material, you can do something about it. Many states have Parent Notification laws that allow you to demand thatrepparttar 145954 school "opt-out" (withdraw) your children from these classes. You can find more information about this important issue in "Public Schools, Public Menace."

Joel Turtel is the author of “Public Schools, Public Menace: How Public Schools Lie To Parents and Betray Our Children." Website:, Email:, Phone: 718-447-7348.

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