Donít Make Fast and Furious Food Changes

Written by Sue DeFiore

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One ofrepparttar biggest mistakes parents make it to try to implement changes all at once. This is a certain recipe for rebellion. Try to make changes gradually. You know those smoothies they love so much. Rather thanrepparttar 113102 milkshake try some yogurt and fruit instead. All kids love French fries (even many adults I know do). Rather than fries try substituting tortilla chips and salsa instead.

I have a friend who decided that her family was going to eat healthy and she threw out allrepparttar 113103 snacks foods and junk foods inrepparttar 113104 house. Well needless to say her spouse andrepparttar 113105 kids went ballistic. So make it a gradual change. Start by making some changes torepparttar 113106 snacks aroundrepparttar 113107 house and then work up torepparttar 113108 meals. Inrepparttar 113109 long run you will be glad you did and so will your children.

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Helen's No Fuss Breakfast

Written by Helen Porter

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Linerepparttar hole tray with a gently layer of butter Placerepparttar 113101 slice of ham inrepparttar 113102 hole Crackrepparttar 113103 egg on top ofrepparttar 113104 ham Season with a little salt and pepper Foldrepparttar 113105 overhanging ham overrepparttar 113106 top ofrepparttar 113107 egg - don't worry if it won't cover completly Springlerepparttar 113108 parmesan onrepparttar 113109 top Place inrepparttar 113110 oven for at least 15mins, checkrepparttar 113111 egg is firm before serving

Serve with lots of granary toast with butter, and plenty of tea or coffee.

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