Don’t Judge An Ebook By Its Cover

Written by Stephen Brennan

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This would suggest that purchasing directly fromrepparttar author or publisher is a risky business, but I’m not going to go that far. I will go so far as to say that I would only be confident if a click onrepparttar 108352 ‘Buy Me’ button led to a Clickbank (or similar) secure purchase facility with an ‘enforceable’ guarantee of satisfaction.

As I’ve said, there are all kinds of ebooks about all kinds of topics. Some are nothing more than a promotional catalogue for a given product or website. Others are simply a means to get others to sign up forrepparttar 108353 myriad of lists and/or facilities, which are available. Some affiliates attempt to extend their downlines by supplying free ebooks with links to their many programs. Needless to say, these types of ebooks shouldn’t be charged for at all.

Apart from actually reviewing an ebook, there is no way to ascertain whetherrepparttar 108354 actual content is of value or worth what is being asked. In fact, as we all have different needs and different expectations, opinions would vary somewhat anyway. But of course,repparttar 108355 ‘money back’ guarantee would seem to negate this particular concern - if you’re not satisfied, get your money back.

There is one final consideration, which I think is important in determiningrepparttar 108356 value and quality of an ebook and alsorepparttar 108357 seriousness ofrepparttar 108358 author (or publisher). The way in whichrepparttar 108359 ebook is presented andrepparttar 108360 program used to enable it to be viewed by those who access it. A number of ‘ebook compilers’ are nothing more than ‘offline browsers’. They are simply a series of web pages linked together and packaged as an ebook. Some can’t even be viewed without a browser like Internet Explorer®.

My feeling is that an author who ‘loves’ his/her book (and every author should consider their creation as a child) should only be satisfied with presenting it inrepparttar 108361 best possible way. ‘3D Page Turning’ technology has been available for a few years but has come into it’s own inrepparttar 108362 last twelve months. The programs needed to publish in this format are more expensive than your ‘offline browsers’ butrepparttar 108363 finished product is in every respect a ‘virtual book’.

You openrepparttar 108364 book atrepparttar 108365 cover and you turn pages (and see them turning) as in a real book. The pages andrepparttar 108366 text look every bit like a real book. In every sense (other than reality itself) you get a ‘virtual’ or ‘e’ book’. It is just my opinion and it doesn’t have any ‘real’ bearing onrepparttar 108367 quality ofrepparttar 108368 content but to me, it represents an attempt to giverepparttar 108369 readerrepparttar 108370 look and feel of a real book-reading experience.

These things, to me, representrepparttar 108371 difference between a worthwhile ebook and a means to an end, which unfortunately, some are.

Stephen Brennan runs the 'Home Based Business and Affiliate Center' -, is publisher of 'Home Based Biz' newsletter and is the author of 'The Affiliate Guide Book' - The Definitive guide to becoming a successful Internet Affiliate (at little or no cost) - available at

How to Protect Your Ebooks and Software from Being Stolen!

Written by Anthony Ellis

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- Pros: Can prevent unauthorized distribution of file sincerepparttar file must be activated byrepparttar 108351 online server.

- Cons: User must be online to register file; Can't move file to a different PC; Can't prevent access after chargeback or refund. ---

Active Password Protection: Each time user attempts to access file it checks an online server to confirmrepparttar 108352 usage rights and permissions forrepparttar 108353 user.

- Pros: Prevents distribution or copying of file; File Owner can revoke access to file after chargeback or refund; Access permissions can be changed and applied in real-time.

- Cons: must be connected torepparttar 108354 net to register and/or access file; User may not be able to move file to another PC; User registration can be somewhat cumbersome and difficult for some customers. ---


When looking to protect your digital information any protection system or service that you consider should have a few basic security bases covered.

For software and executables:

1. When openingrepparttar 108355 file, a protection system must not save or copy an unprotected version ofrepparttar 108356 file torepparttar 108357 windows TEMP directory or anywhere on your PC for that matter.

2. The system should automatically prevent password sharing and access by unauthorized parties. This will preventrepparttar 108358 document from being passed around or distributed illegally since it can't be opened unless you are authorized.

3. It should have some method to revoke or cancel access for refunded or fraudulent users.

For PDF documents, providing adequate protection requires a bit more security as their are many more ways to obtain a protection free copy ofrepparttar 108359 document.

Any PDF protection system must coverrepparttar 108360 three bases above, as well as:

* It must prevent emailing of file and exporting or extracting pages from file. * It must prevent copying file and text torepparttar 108361 clipboard * It must prevent redistilling ofrepparttar 108362 file and printing to PDF * It must prevent unlimited, uncontrolled printing of file * It must watermark all printed pages * If using Adobe Reader,repparttar 108363 company providingrepparttar 108364 protection service must be an authorized Adobe DRM provider.


Is $300 a year too much to protect your copyrights? Definitely not. Protection costs money, but if your business is making money then it's a cost of doing business.

Is it for you? I don't know. Selling a few low priced applications a month probably won't warrant any sort of protection, but if you generate a substantial income from your software orrepparttar 108365 information distributed is of a critical nature to your business, then you need to protect your intellectual "capital" at some level.


Personally, I believe that some level of protection should be implemented on any piece of software or document that is of any value to you. You should never mass distribute a file in an unprotected format. Otherwise you will be scrambling when you find someone misusing it... if you find them!

It's easy to listen to those that say "don't worry about it" (a common reply torepparttar 108366 document protection topic) until someone is actually stealing from you. Then all you can do is worry about it, but it's too late really. The damage is done. You can't take something back once it's out there unprotected. No amount of legal threatening is going to phase someone in Prague who just doesn't care about your copyrights.

Anthony Ellis is the creator of File Secure Pro, a file protection and delivery system that allows authors to securely distribute, monitor and control usage of their intellectual property. Please read more about the system at

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