Domestic Terrorism Versus National Militarism

Written by Punkerslut

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Considerrepparttar imprisonment of people never givenrepparttar 140747 right to a fair hearing or to council, inrepparttar 140748 United States. This is currentlyrepparttar 140749 situation as it is to detained prisoners in Cuba byrepparttar 140750 U.S. government. An attempt to liberate those prisoners, by tearing downrepparttar 140751 walls ofrepparttar 140752 prison, would be considered a terroristic act. In fact, I imagine it may be called treasonous, so thatrepparttar 140753 government can prosecute withrepparttar 140754 possibility ofrepparttar 140755 death penalty. But, in fact, is it deniable that these "terrorists" are simply and actually fulfillingrepparttar 140756 ideas ofrepparttar 140757 U.S. Constitution -- ideas which have been willingly betrayed byrepparttar 140758 U.S. government. What wouldrepparttar 140759 result ofrepparttar 140760 capture of these "terrorists" be? Certainly, imprisonment, possibly death. But, ifrepparttar 140761 courts upholdrepparttar 140762 rights of these detainees, what isrepparttar 140763 result? Will American politicians be indicted? Certainly not. It was fit to indict and chargerepparttar 140764 Nazi party members after World War II,repparttar 140765 Nuremburg Trials, but that is irrelevant: they were charged by another government, butrepparttar 140766 U.S. governm'nt is just as guilty as crimes against humanity -- but, torepparttar 140767 great regret of all good, decent peolpe,repparttar 140768 U.S. government is not crumbling. Even worse,repparttar 140769 U.S. government structure does not allow a system of checks or balances against elected officials, except against each other. The public is left atrepparttar 140770 mercy of rapists and murderers.

While some Anarchists view all states as equal in their injustice, I feel a bit more open-minded. Certainly,repparttar 140771 elected governments of Europe were more just thanrepparttar 140772 Nazi state of Europe, and certainlyrepparttar 140773 state of Czarist Russia andrepparttar 140774 U.S.S.R. were with less equaity and peace than many elected, and even unelected, governments. While a king's injustice to rule over a people is wrong, just like an elected president's injustice to rule over a people is wrong,repparttar 140775 later is somewhat more susceptible to desirable results forrepparttar 140776 people. A government that allows itself to be checked byrepparttar 140777 public will remove corruption and injustice with a greater efficiency. Unfortunately,repparttar 140778 United States government, as well as other Western World Republics, does not allow this at all. While our government does allow a system of checking, it solely exsits between elected government officials.

If government officials violaterepparttar 140779 law or Constitution through their power, they are exempt from prison. Only forrepparttar 140780 ruling class (orrepparttar 140781 Capitalist class) is this exemption present. But when private citizens commit acts which upheld or defendrepparttar 140782 law, orrepparttar 140783 Constitution, or highest law (the will ofrepparttar 140784 people), they are prosecuted, jailed, and killed. No torture mechanism has been withheld. Individuals who opposerepparttar 140785 cruelty and inhumanity of government officials are given no justice withinrepparttar 140786 system. Yet once government oppressesrepparttar 140787 freedom ofrepparttar 140788 poor, orrepparttar 140789 minorities they are exempt from, any sort of imprisonment or punishment. National Militarism and Domestic Terrorism are different only by which is approved by an established power. The greatest reform government could accomplish would be its absolution, but that day may be far ahead of us. Until that day, I believe that government officilias must take legal responsibility for all their acts, and that those who uphold justice by breakingrepparttar 140790 law must be allowed to defend themselves. People who have attended protests are beaten, raped, pepper sprayed, shot with rubber bullets, and murdered. The cops who oppress freedom of speech may be upholdingrepparttar 140791 law of tyrants, but they are doing everything they can to depressrepparttar 140792 spirit of people to live freely. While protestors sit in jail cells for years for expressing their opinion, labelled as "terrorists," cops continue their onslaught on people and are called, "the law." The system is inherently unjust andrepparttar 140793 good people will do all we can to fight it.

That one day, we may be free.

For Life, Punkerslut

Punkerslut (or Andy Carloff) has been writing essays and poetry on social issues which have caught his attention for several years. His website provides a complete list of all of these writings. His life experience includes homelessness, squating in New Orleans and LA, dropping out of high school, getting expelled from college for "subversive activities," and a myriad of other revolutionary actions.

Throwing in the Towel

Written by Doug Bower

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Whenrepparttar State Department began issuing warnings of Americans being kidnapped atrepparttar 140746 Mexican border, Bill Conroy of Narco News looked intorepparttar 140747 matter. In my book, Mexican Living: Blogging it from a Third World Country, I record his investigation into this matter. The U.S. Embassy had NO kidnapping stats. Next, he filed a Freedom of Information Act request withrepparttar 140748 State Department, which revealedrepparttar 140749 same thing—Nothing!

There were no statistics of Americans being kidnapped atrepparttar 140750 Mexican-American border.

In a recent article by Tom DeWeese titled, The Real Disease is called Government; he makesrepparttar 140751 point thatrepparttar 140752 CDC reports a disinformation statistic of obesity-related deaths being 365,000 per year whenrepparttar 140753 truth turned out to be only 25,814.[2]

The State Department fabricated kidnapping statistics. The CDC fabricated obesity statistics. Then why is it not withinrepparttar 140754 realm of possibilityrepparttar 140755 Feds,repparttar 140756 conservative press,repparttar 140757 anti-Mexican hate groups, are fabricatingrepparttar 140758 alleged 20,000,000 so-called "illegal aliens" that they report are swarming like vermin throughout America raping, robbing, pillaging, and plundering? (Oh my, I forgot, spreading disease too.)

The 20,000,000—where are they? Who are they? If there is such a firm and well-rounded figure, then why doesn'trepparttar 140759 FBI round them up and deport them? If they ALL, without exception, are raping, robbing, pillaging, and plundering, then who are allrepparttar 140760 victims? I want to see crime reports. If ALL 20 million are, without exception, raping, robbing, pillaging, and plundering, then there should be at least 20 million crime reports on file somewhere documenting this—shouldn't there?

My point: If you don't like someone of a different race, why not come out and say it. (Disgusting as that notion is, it is your right to do so—Free speech.) If you don't want them living in your country because they are different from you (still very disgusting), why not say so?

But don't resort to lies, exaggerations, falsehoods, andrepparttar 140761 dishonesty of disinformation inrepparttar 140762 attempt to manipulate public thinking.

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Doug Bower is a freelance writer and book author. He lives with his wife in Guanajuato, Mexico. His newest book Mexican Living: Blogging it from a Third World Country can now be seen at

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