Domain Names 101: 3 quick questions explained

Written by Syd Johnson

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There are many reputable resellers onrepparttar web that are not approved by ICANN but are simply organizations and individuals associated with a registrar that are allowed to sell domain names on their own. Whether you purchase your domain name through a registrar or a reseller, always find a reputable source for your domain name.

If a registrar or reseller does not maintain an active database, you might find yourself on rare occasions paying for a name that is already registered. If you ever receive such as note from your registrar, or reseller, contact them immediately using an online form or viarepparttar 108237 phone. Make surerepparttar 108238 notice is legitimate otherwise, you might berepparttar 108239 victim of a domain name scam. If it is true, your registrar should immediately make a correction, preferably at their expense.

This integrity of a registrar or reseller's database of available names should be maintained at all times.

Sets up conflict resolution policies to prevent domain name theft and copyright (brand name) infringements. ICANN has setup and is always revising its dispute resolution policy so that web users can have fair access to any domain name while protectingrepparttar 108240 sanctity of commercial trademarks. You can get any name you want as long as it is not trademarked by another person or organization.

It is always in your best interest to get familiar withrepparttar 108241 ICANN website as well as its rules and policies. To build a successful online presence is a long term proposition. If you fail to do your due diligence upfront, it can have serious repercussions later on due to lost time, web traffic, money and possible loss of a domain name.

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Good Domain Names Make Your Dreams Memorable

Written by Terry Nicholls

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Generally,repparttar hyphens between words make domain names easier to read for most people.

While search engines don't rank domain names, a keyword-rich name will let your visitors know what your web site is about before they get there. This makes them more comfortable because they know what they're getting in advance.

Also, when you get other sites to link to yours, that link is usually based on your domain name. This means that your main keyphrase (which you used as your domain name) will berepparttar 108236 actual anchor text and search engines do give additional ranking for that.

Domain names play a major role in making your dream memorable torepparttar 108237 world.

Takerepparttar 108238 time to do it right and your dream of a home-based business will be seen all overrepparttar 108239 world!

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