Domain Names - How to Choose, and Register One

Written by Michael Tee

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Registering a domain name

The last step here is to register a domain name. Write down possible domain names that you like, then do a quick search to see if that name you want is available atrepparttar registrars website. For your information, most domain names that you might have thought of would have been already taken. So, you might have to do a lot of searches to find available domain names of your choice.

Next, Jot down all available domain names you like, then keep searching until you have about 5 – 7 good names that you can choose from.

Finally, choose a domain name you like best, and register it at a domain name ICANN Accredited registrar.

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"What You Did Wrong With Your Domain Names!"

Written by Mark Kessler

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I live about a five iron outside of DC and made my living onrepparttar radio. Helen Thomas, one ofrepparttar 143480 all-time great White House correspondents, would always be chosen by President Reagan to ask questions at press conferences. Here's why:..She found out thatrepparttar 143481 President had a fondness forrepparttar 143482 color red. So, Helen started wearing a red blazer to press conferences and he would always pick her out of a press room packed with other reporters.

So, in other words... put a red blazer on your web site, drop 50 bucks registering your domain name for several years and show Google, along with other search engines, you are serious about sticking around and wanting to improve search engine rankings.

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