Domain Names: An Unusual and Profitable Characteristic

Written by Charles L. Harmon

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I followedrepparttar impressions and clicks forrepparttar 105214 next few days and sure enough,repparttar 105215 action had it been graphed, would have looked like a huge peak, rising very high and then falling like a rock in just a matter of a few days. Until that day I had never realized a domain name could react to news. Here is how it played out.

Date Domain Impressions Earnings 02-25-05 1 $00.00 02-26-05 1 $00.00 02-27-05 4 $00.00 02-28-05 1 $00.00 03-01-05 261 $97.77 03-02-05 483 $30.33 03-03-05 404 $28.15 03-04-05 569 $22.05 03-05-05 2 $01.22 03-06-05 4 $00.00 03-07-05 4 $00.00 (as of 03-07-05 9:00 am)

I had noticed some domain names had ups and downs before, but never associated that with potential news affectingrepparttar 105216 domain name. One especially, but with not so pronounced activity, I did a cursory check on, and found outrepparttar 105217 name is related to football. Although initiallyrepparttar 105218 name didn’t sound related to a sport I guessrepparttar 105219 “inside” andrepparttar 105220 “end” could be construed as being related to inside linebacker and end zone, defensive end, or tight end, etc. That’s a far stretch, but then again football is an extremely popular sport and is often inrepparttar 105221 news during football season. Whether or not football is affecting this particular domain remains to be seen, but now I’ll be onrepparttar 105222 lookout for such possibilities when I register new domain names or see huge changes in activity on any of my domain names.

I had better do some follow up research on other domain names that seem to have a lot of fluctuating activity. Take a hint from my experience. If you have any domain names that could be subject to reaction to news events you may be able to plan a strategy to capitalize on certain events depending onrepparttar 105223 circumstances. This could be especially profitable if you are selling something on a website with such a name.

Charles is a computer programmer and developer turned web entrepreneur. He has written software for many major U.S. Corporations as well as written and sold his own software. He is currently developing a soon to be published website for his many domain names and another on top-rated eZines. Charles can be reached via the contact form at or his sister’s

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Written by Andrew Hayes

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