Domain Name Slamming

Written by Richard Lowe

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In some instances worse things happen. You could receive an email in your inbox, for example, makingrepparttar same claim: your domain is about to expire. Click on a link and you've given (unknowingly) permission for your domain to be transferred. A few days later you might discover your web site not working, your email turned off and your domain information completely unavailable.

This is called "domain name slamming", and it is named afterrepparttar 108311 practice that some highly unethical long distance phone companies employ. These companies will, atrepparttar 108312 least provocation, change your phone company to themselves. You could cash a check, return a post card or use any number of other means to "give permission" to change. Some ofrepparttar 108313 most unethical companies have been known to just change your service without even asking.

The moral ofrepparttar 108314 story? Keep good records of where your domain names are registered. If you do get an email or a letter, go directly to your domain registrar's web site and renewrepparttar 108315 domain yourself. Don't click anything inrepparttar 108316 email, respond or send back a letter. Just go torepparttar 108317 web site and renew. This way you can be sure you understand exactly what is happening, and this way you can be positive that nothing else is occurring.

And oh yes, stay away from those registrars who engage in this practice. At least, that's my humble advice. I findrepparttar 108318 whole tactic unethical inrepparttar 108319 extreme, and personally, I will go to extremes to not do business with any registrar who slams.

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Is Your Domain Name A Trademark Infringement?

Written by Shelley Lowery

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As stated byrepparttar United States Patent and Trademark Office, "A mark composed of a domain name is registerable as a trademark or service mark only if it functions as a source identifier. The mark as depicted on repparttar 108310 specimens must be presented in a manner that will be perceived by potential purchasers as indicating source and not as merely an informational indication ofrepparttar 108311 domain name address used to access a web site." In other words,repparttar 108312 use of a domain name must not be used simply as an address to direct customers to your web site, but must be used to identifyrepparttar 108313 products or services ofrepparttar 108314 business claimingrepparttar 108315 trademark, which provides products or services viarepparttar 108316 Internet.

If you're inrepparttar 108317 market for a domain name, you may want to consider searchingrepparttar 108318 Trademark Electronic Search System, http:/ prior to registering a domain name. By researchingrepparttar 108319 trademark regulations and knowing your rights, whether you hold a trademark or a domain name, you may be able to avoid repparttar 108320 possibility of litigation.

Shelley Lowery is the author of the highly acclaimed ebook series, Web Design Mastery -- an in-depth guide to professional web design that is rapidly becoming known as the "Bible" for professional web design.

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