Domain Name Registration and Privacy

Written by Richard Keir

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The other alternative, usually called "private registration", is a little different. Here your name would still appear as registrant. You would providerepparttar names ofrepparttar 140816 admin and technical contacts. Butrepparttar 140817 address, email and phone number would be provided and monitored byrepparttar 140818 organization handlingrepparttar 140819 private registration in essentiallyrepparttar 140820 same manner as a proxy registration. Thus with this alternative you remain in full legal control of your domain name since it is registered in your name rather thanrepparttar 140821 name of a proxy.

Onrepparttar 140822 face of it this second alternative sounds better, but your name is hanging out there on view and you may have valid reasons for not wanting that (perhapsrepparttar 140823 company you work for takes a dim view of moonlighting, or you have had a stalking problem or are doing something perfectly legitimate but don't want your name linked to it).In that case, a proxy registration isrepparttar 140824 only real alternative.

In case you're thinking you can hide out and do whatever sort of bad stuff behind a proxy or private registration, don't even dream about it. These outfits take it very personally if you misbehave andrepparttar 140825 legal agreements spell it out.

If you decide to pursue a proxy or private registration, make very sure that you are working with a legitimate company with a track record. A domain name can be a very valuable possession. Both your registrar and, if it's a separate organization,repparttar 140826 entity that doesrepparttar 140827 proxy or private registration must be quality, legitimate outfits. Registrars offering extremely low prices which are way out of line withrepparttar 140828 going rates - unless it's a special - just might be after your credit card and identity. Also, this time, actually readrepparttar 140829 agreement and TOS so you do know what you're doing and what could happen under what circumstances.

Wondering why I'm writing about this? Well, it's because I'm getting more and more spam and I started doing some research on possible solutions. And I figured, I wan'trepparttar 140830 only one looking to do something aboutrepparttar 140831 problem. And then, I discovered that some registrars will provide free proxy or private registration with your domain name purchase. So think about it and do some checking before you buy a domain name. Your privacy is a precious possession.

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IS Permission Email Marketing In Trouble... And Is RSS The Answer?

Written by Cory Threlfall

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The BIGGEST benefit you'll receive by incorporating RSS into your online business is... your customers and/or subscribers will receive 100% of your Product and/or Service offers.

I'm going to say that again, "your customers and/or subscribers will receive 100% of your Product and/or Service offers".

No other online technology offers this benefit.

Just imaginerepparttar increased response to your offers, which in turn will convert into more Sales and Profits for you and your online business.

Rest assured, you could sleep at night knowing that your messages are reaching 100% of your Target audience withoutrepparttar 140636 worry of SPAM filters mistakenly marking your email as "SPAM" and that all that time you spent putting your offer together didn't go to waste.

Would you then consider RSS?

I think you would. But, that is just my opinion.

There are many others benefits to using RSS which you can read about in a earlier article I wrote by clicking on this link -- -- since there are too many to list within this article.

Things are changing online, so we must change with it and adapt any new technologies we can in order to getrepparttar 140637 most out of our time and online businesses.

So, with that said, if your a "Permission Email Marketer" and your not happy withrepparttar 140638 results your currently getting from using "Email", then you might want to consider switching to "RSS".

100% delivery rate is unheard of with Email, but, is GUARANTEED with RSS(Rich Site Summary or Real Simple Syndication).

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