Domain Name Registration - Key Tips

Written by Keith Thompson

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Probablyrepparttar most important aspect of your domain name registration isrepparttar 149629 choice of keywords to use in your domain name. Try to userepparttar 149630 main keyword or phrase you'd like to optimizerepparttar 149631 whole site for, and see if you can craft a domain name around it. The search engines seem to favor keyword-rich domain names. Nuff said.

Keep it short if possible. A shorter name is easier to remember than a long one.

Don't use your company name unless it has your keywords in it. There's no point in ranking high for your name if no one is looking for it yet.

Try to keep your domain name registration topically relevant. As search engines get smarter and smarter, sites that display total relevance will rank higher than catch all sites.

Lastly, be sure to avoid other companies trademarks and copyrights in your domain name. For example, let's say you're an affiliate of The Sharper Image. It's tempting to use some version of that name to promote your affiliate site, but don't do it, unless of course you'd like to meet their lawyers!

To sum up, your domain name registration is easy to do, but important to do well. It can makerepparttar 149632 difference in whether you get found or not!

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Six Ways To Create a Keyword-Rich Domain Name

Written by Syd Johnson

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Brainstorm your way to a great domain name Brainstorming isrepparttar only way to get a good domain name. Whether you write, use a name generation software, a dictionary or try random words, itís your creative approach that will give you quality results in less time.

Here are 4 easy domain name generation ideas: 1.Write aboutrepparttar 148574 product(s) that you plan to sell 2.Write aboutrepparttar 148575 topic or theme of your site 3.Write aboutrepparttar 148576 type of customers you want to visit your site 4.Start with one word descriptions and then add secondary words until your get an effective word or phrase that you register as your domain name.

Check out your competitorís websites. Are they using words that fall into a specific category like product names, rhyming words, or names of cities? These can all give you clues about what types of words and descriptions that makerepparttar 148577 best domain names for your type of service. It can also give you some clues into what works best with customers and search engines. In this case, you donít have to reinventrepparttar 148578 wheel, you just tweak it a bit to get better results.

Youíll also have words for your Search Engine Marketing Campaign The cool thing about this technique is that it will also help you to generate a list of words that you can use later on as part of your search engine optimization campaign. Whether you plan to do this on your own or through a Pay-Per-Click service, you will be ahead ofrepparttar 148579 game with a long list of keywords to choose from.

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