Domain Name Do's and Don'ts

Written by Candice Pardue

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2. Your domain name should be directly related to your offer or information available at your website.

For example, is directly related to web design training. In monitoring our website statistics, I've noticed that we have many visitors each month who arrive at our website by simply typing inrepparttar domain name instead of arriving through search engines, other links, etc. Of course, this was not so atrepparttar 108301 start. But, as visitors began coming, they began memorizingrepparttar 108302 domain name and repeating their visits in this fashion.

3. If possible, use a generic name that people might would type in without ever hearing about you.

For example, is very generic, and I'm sure many people simply type this name in to see what's available inrepparttar 108303 web design field.

Other "very" generic names I can think of are: etc....

Although many ofrepparttar 108304 most popular generic names are reserved, it would be wise to search forrepparttar 108305 most generic name possible in your field that's easy to remember.

The three above tips will help you choose a domain name that will tremendously increase your repeat visitor rate. A website must first be designed, and then built upon a solid visitor flow. A simple, easy-to-remember domain name is a great start to reaching your goal!

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Is your Domain Name in Trouble?

Written by Alyice Edrich

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Jeanne of Devine-Designs has experienced her fair share of what I like to call scrupulous behavior. When she started Expat-Moms, she began it on a free web host server (like geocities, tripod, andrepparttar like). Her reasoning was simple... testrepparttar 108300 waters and see how successfulrepparttar 108301 business was before going all out, financially.

Once her cold feet turned warm, she went to purchaserepparttar 108302 domain name, but to her surprise, someone had bought it out from under her! Now,repparttar 108303 site sits unused, while her new domain with repparttar 108304 hyphen is doing extremely well.

Jeanne isn'trepparttar 108305 only one this has happened to. "Harvesters" often snatch up domain names in hopes of re-selling them at a higher, if not outrageous price!

How do they know which domain names are going to be viable? Simple. They go to free web host servers, findrepparttar 108306 business name chosen, then purchaserepparttar 108307 domain name in hopes thatrepparttar 108308 owner will one day get so big that he or she goes looking for that domain name. Others simply go to a keyword program, like Overture and purchase domain names usingrepparttar 108309 top keywords.


Pick your company wisely. Try to find a company that sends out reminder notices. Ifrepparttar 108310 company you use doesn't and you are happy with where you are at, please mark your calendars every year! I have a monthly bills to be paid sheet, and I list my domain names, web host, and other business related expenses as a monthly expense. That way, I know every month what is due outrepparttar 108311 door, when.

If you must insist on using a free web host server, takerepparttar 108312 precaution of ordering your domain name and have it redirected to your free web host server, for under $30 per year!

Be safe, and checkrepparttar 108313 expiration date of your domain name today. If it is up in six months time or less, order an extension or renewal of that domain name today... and try to order at least two years or more.

Alyice Edrich is a freelance writer specializing in helping busy parents balance life. Visit her online for free information on how she can help you succeed, today.

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