Domain Name Dispute Resolution

Written by John MacKenzie

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3.The domain name has been registered and is being used in bad faith.

A series of examples of bad faith are given inrepparttar ICANN policy document.

A recent case heard byrepparttar 108324 WIPO arbitration and mediation centre demonstratesrepparttar 108325 effectiveness ofrepparttar 108326 procedures. In Digitronics Inventioneering Corporation -v- @Six.Net Registeredrepparttar 108327 two domain names in question were "" and "". The complaint was submitted electronically torepparttar 108328 WIPO Centre on 17th January 2000 and a Panel appointed. The claimant alleged thatrepparttar 108329 domain name holder had no rights or legitimate interests in respect ofrepparttar 108330 domain name and thatrepparttar 108331 domain name had been registered in bad faith.

The Panel decided thatrepparttar 108332 respondent had been known byrepparttar 108333 domain name "Sixnet" even though it had acquired no trademark or servicemark rights. Asrepparttar 108334 complainer had failed to establish that @Six.Net had no rights or legitimate interests inrepparttar 108335 domain namerepparttar 108336 application was refused. Of particular interest isrepparttar 108337 fact thatrepparttar 108338 respondents were a Canadian company andrepparttar 108339 claimants were registered in New York. Usingrepparttar 108340 WIPO Panel complex jurisdictional problems were avoided. The decision was issued on 1st March 2000 only six weeks afterrepparttar 108341 claim was raised.

Usingrepparttar 108342 WIPO arbitration and mediation centrerepparttar 108343 parties were able to come to a cost effective resolution to an International dispute withinrepparttar 108344 specified timescale of between 45 and 50 days.

John MacKenzie is a Solicitor Advocate and Associate with Masons in Glasgow. He advises IT companies on Internet, intellectual property and data protection issues. If you would like more information on the domain name dispute resolution process, or have problems with domain names then please contact John MacKenzie on +(44) 141 248 4858. You can e-mail him at

'Stop Me Before I Domain Again'

Written by Donna Schwartz Mills

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'I get ideas, buyrepparttar domains, and actually put them together from start to finish. I designrepparttar 108323 pages,repparttar 108324 graphics, installrepparttar 108325 CGI, advertise, get content... Then once everything is in place, I getrepparttar 108326 fever to do a new one. So I sellrepparttar 108327 old one and go at it again! I usually have several projects going on at once. So, I guess I'm not as addicted to registeringrepparttar 108328 names as I am buildingrepparttar 108329 actual community from ground up.'

If domain buying is ever officially classified as an addiction, Shelley Pietras would qualify for treatment. As owner of < >, Pietras can feed her habit with ease. Inrepparttar 108330 course of one month, Pietras has tripledrepparttar 108331 number of names in her collection to 'an even 90.' She says 'Four are in use right now, andrepparttar 108332 rest - Well, we do plan to use them, sell them, give them away as gifts.'

'Each domain that was registered came from an actual business idea. Whenrepparttar 108333 idea hit,repparttar 108334 domain was registered. Whether or not all these ideas will ever be put into action remains to be seen, but at least we've gotrepparttar 108335 first step out ofrepparttar 108336 way!'

Nita Jackson also feeds her habit by being a registrar < >. Like Price, she started buying names that were related to her site,, because she did not want competitors getting them first. She spends about $500 each year on a total of 16 domains (two of which are actually operating as websites).

'I plan to developrepparttar 108337 rest and work my fingers torepparttar 108338 bone,' she says.

With so many names already registered, finding a good one these days is hard. Price offers this advice:

"Take your time coming up with a good name. You should probably check to see that it's not a trademarked term. Then, when you go to registerrepparttar 108339 domain, also buyrepparttar 108340 common variations (hyphenated, pluralized, etc.). Finally, don't talk to anyone about your plans until you haverepparttar 108341 domain name on record!"

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