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Written by Tobe Johnson

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Here is an example of business centered marketing model that I use. I have two sites in which I promote (among others). Here are their cumbersome URLs:

I market these two sites as:

My email is sent out as When I join other associate programs, I create new gateway pages on my own domain such as My entire business and marketing strategy is centered around MY domain name, not someone else's.

3--Higher order ratios & portability:

The biggest reason for having your own domain gateway page is that with a domain site (such as you will get a higher ratio of orders (signups) to visitors because you will loose fewer of your potential clients torepparttar company site.

If you ever decide to move your domain to another host provider or begin to promote a new product/service, allrepparttar 102608 hundreds or thousands of links acrossrepparttar 102609 Internet that are currently pointing to you will continue to point to you. That is notrepparttar 102610 case if you have a web page such as If you ever move your sub-page to someone else's domain, you will loose allrepparttar 102611 work and effort you put into building links to your original page.

4--Domains names are cheap:

You can get your own domain ( hosted by a good web site host provider for as little as $20.00 per month w/ a $20.00 set up fee (and sometimes cheaper). You will charged $35.00 per year to haverepparttar 102612 name registered with Internic. You will be billedrepparttar 102613 first two years Internic fee in advance. So, forrepparttar 102614 cost of one or two orders (depending upon what you are marketing) you can pay for your domain name and site set-up. If you want a company with a specialty in low cost domain gateway pages visit

It is possible to make money withrepparttar 102615 many affiliate and associate programs. I know of people who do nothing but work their associate programs and are making thousands of dollars a year at it. With a little knowledge and advance planning, you can also.

Tobe Johnson is the president of Johnson & Associates ( He has been involved in Internet based consulting and web site development technologies since the early 1990's. He specializes in building large network marketing downlines and product sales via the Internet.

Becoming a Successful Affiliate

Written by Teresa Williams

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website instead ofrepparttar banners. If a person seesrepparttar 102607 same banner on a hundred websites, why do you think they should click on YOUR banner and purchaserepparttar 102608 product? They won't! Give them a written explanation of why this product will help them and what benefits they will gain by purchasingrepparttar 102609 products. 7) Answer all emails. If you are promoting a product and have put your "stamp of approval" onrepparttar 102610 product... people who have not made up their mind will email you with questions. Why don't they emailrepparttar 102611 owner ofrepparttar 102612 product? Simply because you have gainedrepparttar 102613 trust of this person. You are doingrepparttar 102614 promotion. Go back to Step number 1: If you have not actually purchasedrepparttar 102615 product, you will not be able to answerrepparttar 102616 future customer's question. If you have purchasedrepparttar 102617 product and still can not answerrepparttar 102618 question... still takerepparttar 102619 time to answerrepparttar 102620 email and let them know you received their email and you can not answerrepparttar 102621 question for them, but you are forwarding their question torepparttar 102622 original owner ofrepparttar 102623 product. This goes back to Step number 5. Communicate withrepparttar 102624 owner. If you have already made contact withrepparttar 102625 owner ofrepparttar 102626 product, you are going to gainrepparttar 102627 respect from that person. Forward that email and letrepparttar 102628 owner know that you could not answerrepparttar 102629 person's question and they will be more happy to do it for you. 8) Get to know your sub-affiliates. Ifrepparttar 102630 affiliate program is more than one tier, it means that people sign up under you and sellrepparttar 102631 product. In turn, you receive a commission everytime they make a sale. If you are involved with an affiliate program that sends you an email letting you know that someone signed up under you and include their email address... USE THIS TO YOUR ADVANTAGE! Send an email torepparttar 102632 new sub-affiliate saying: * Welcome them torepparttar 102633 program * Let them knowrepparttar 102634 importance of purchasing repparttar 102635 product * Giving tips on how you advertise * And yes, even giving themrepparttar 102636 actual ads that you are using to generate sales * Let them know they can contact you with any questions Remember folks, your sub-affiliates can be crucial to your success. If you takerepparttar 102637 time to "help out" your new promoters, that is just more money in your pocket. Becoming a successful affiliate can become a very healthy income each month if you takerepparttar 102638 time to learn these eight steps.

Teresa Williams is the owner/editor of She publishes a very successful internet marketing newsletter and has personally composed 3 free downloadable ebooks. Get a copy of Top Biz News delivered to your email box by sending a blank email to or by visiting

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