Dolphins and Whales: Gateways to Healing

Written by Keith Varnum

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The cetaceans serve as practical and inspirational examples to humans ofrepparttar possibilities existing beyond limited human belief systems. What these advanced sea inhabitants are doing is exactly what humans will be doing inrepparttar 126225 near future in this next century. Humans haverepparttar 126226 same physiological and mental capabilities to do likewise. In their presence, people connect with a direct knowing of their multi-dimensional nature and their greater identity as galactic, cosmic voyagers. Merging with dolphin/whale awareness, people open to an appreciation of our human role as conscious co-creators with other species inrepparttar 126227 evolution ofrepparttar 126228 Cosmos.

Communication by Direct Transmission

Cetaceans communicate in a way that requires an entirely different mind set thanrepparttar 126229 human cognitive-thinking model. Cetacean brains are larger and more complex than humans. The largest brains onrepparttar 126230 planet are those ofrepparttar 126231 whales. Rather than words and sentences, dolphins and whales communicate through vibration, through sonar and synchronized movement, through acoustic images, sounds, feelings and group-energy fields. A lot of their sounds are beyond our ability to hear, yet nevertheless, they still affect our bodies and vibration.

They use a system of echo-location, acoustic imagery. The returning of sound vibrational signals give a three-dimensional picture, which in some ways is more sophisticated than human vision. For example, if a dolphin encounters a sunken ship underrepparttar 126232 water and wants to share that discovery with another dolphin,repparttar 126233 dolphin will re-create, and send torepparttar 126234 other dolphin,repparttar 126235 exact same vibrational patterns it receives back fromrepparttar 126236 sunken ship. The friend will experiencerepparttar 126237 exact same three- dimensional picture thatrepparttar 126238 first dolphin experienced directly returning fromrepparttar 126239 ship. Thus, dolphins communicate through sharing direct experience, rather than through a symbol (word) to attempt to represent their direct experience, as humans do.

Vibration as Art and Heart

Dolphins and whales feel vibrations, create holographic works of art all around them, and then play in them. Because their sound waves actually penetrate objects, dolphins and whales are believed to be able to "see through" physical objects with their sonar inrepparttar 126240 manner of an x-ray. Dolphins check out people with their sonar and strategically apply their energies torepparttar 126241 areas in need of healing. Dolphin behavior and communications can assist humans to develop new and more effective healing and living modalities for themselves andrepparttar 126242 planet. The success of dolphin and whale society is based on certain vibrational frequencies, which we label as love. As people are able to create that frequency in their bodies by contact with cetaceans, they naturally draw to themselves more ofrepparttar 126243 same vibration, great happiness, as well as people and things already existing in that frequency. After swimming with dolphiins and whales, many people go home withrepparttar 126244 decision to change their lifestyle into a way of living that will support and promote that same vibrational feeling.

These cetaceans operate out of a different paradigm thanrepparttar 126245 human race. They have not been raised in a culture that requires primarily linear, rational, one-dimensional thinking. They employ other ways of accessing valuable information about their world. Cetaceans work withrepparttar 126246 electromagnetic grids ofrepparttar 126247 planet, using these underwater pathways for worldwide navigation and to send messages for thousands of miles beneathrepparttar 126248 sea. Humans can learn fromrepparttar 126249 ways ofrepparttar 126250 dolphins and whales and enrich human life. As people and cetaceans swim intorepparttar 126251 future together, they can co-create a world filled with peace and fulfillment, communities aroundrepparttar 126252 world living in harmony and once again able to be in constant contact with each other through telepathic and vibrational means.

Bringers of Our Future

As people learn to merge their individual energy fields and atomic structure withrepparttar 126253 harmonic frequencies ofrepparttar 126254 dolphin and whale sounds and sonar, they meet and master new aspects of human consciousness and life force. Asrepparttar 126255 cetaceans teach, it is by activating and aligning their golden, spiraling, inner spheres of energy withrepparttar 126256 Universal Rhythms of Life that allows humans to traverse new realms of consciousness, well being and cooperation with each other and all forms of life.

When people go intorepparttar 126257 water and swim withrepparttar 126258 dolphins and whales, they are neverrepparttar 126259 same again. They can not go back to their old way of life. People remember that they are meant to have more. They realize life is intended to be lived more deeply, fully, passionately and joyously.

Living simply doesn't mean living without. It means living with a certain vibrational frequency that attracts everything that's vibrating in that same frequency. It'srepparttar 126260 message ofrepparttar 126261 dolphins and whales… and of all great masters. And it really works!

Drawing from the wisdom of native and ancient spiritual traditions, Keith Varnum shares his 30 years of practical success as an author, personal coach, acupuncturist, filmmaker, radio host, restaurateur, vision quest guide and international seminar leader (The Dream Workshops). Keith helps people get the love, money and health they want with his FREE “Prosperity Ezine” at

Plants Have Souls-and Gifts for Humans

Written by Keith Varnum

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Who Says Plants Can't Move?

In order to stay alive, plants have learned to move and do so in remarkable fashion, for extraordinary purposes and with high, extra-sensory intelligence. "Plants," says Viennese biologist, Raoul France "move their bodies as freely, easily and gracefully asrepparttar most skilled animal or human, andrepparttar 126224 only reason we don' t appreciaterepparttar 126225 fact is that plants do so at a much slower pace than humans. A climbing plant which needs a prop will creep towardrepparttar 126226 nearest support. Should this support be shifted,repparttar 126227 vine, within a few hours, will change its course into a new direction." Plants will even grow towards a support that's hidden from view. France continues, "Plants are capable of intent: they can stretch toward, or seek out, what they want in ways as mysterious asrepparttar 126228 most fantastic creations of romance." As Thomkins and Bird relate, "Some parasitical plants can recognizerepparttar 126229 slightest trace ofrepparttar 126230 odor of their victim and will overcome all obstacles to crawl in its direction."

The Sophisticated Musical Tastes of Plants

Through their animated responses to classical and heavy rock music, plants further divulge their preferences. In studies of plants exposed to heavy rock music,repparttar 126231 plants not only grew away fromrepparttar 126232 music source, but some grew either abnormally tall and put out excessively small leaves or remained stunted. In some casesrepparttar 126233 plants died. When classical music was played torepparttar 126234 plants,repparttar 126235 plants grew towardrepparttar 126236 music source with healthy growth. The same plants, marigolds, who died when listening to rock music, flowered when listening to classical music. The authors report, "the rock-stimulated plants were using much more water thanrepparttar 126237 classically entertained vegetation, but apparently enjoying it less, since examination ofrepparttar 126238 roots revealed that soil root growth was sparse inrepparttar 126239 rock group, whereas inrepparttar 126240 classical group, root growth was thick, tangled and about four times as long."

In India, Dr. T. C. Singh, in his studies of music and plants, stated that he had "proven beyond any shadow of doubt that harmonic sound waves affectrepparttar 126241 growth, flowering, fruiting and seed-yield of plants." Singh also reported that girls dancing India's most ancient dance style acceleratedrepparttar 126242 growth of daisies, marigolds and petunias. The dancing caused them to flower much earlier thanrepparttar 126243 control group of plants, presumably because ofrepparttar 126244 rhythm ofrepparttar 126245 footwork transmitted throughrepparttar 126246 earth.

Plant Devas Caught on Camera!

Kirlian photography is now able to verifyrepparttar 126247 existence of living, changing light radiating from plants. And many "seers" and scientists have seen light emanations and moving forms coming from plants. Hindu sages refer to devas. Clairvoyants and other sensitives are able to directly see and communicate withrepparttar 126248 fairies, elves, gnomes, sylphs and other creatures which live in and among plants.

Tompkins and Bird conclude, "Evidence now supportsrepparttar 126249 vision that plants are living, breathing, communicating creatures, endowed with personality andrepparttar 126250 attributes of soul."

Drawing from the wisdom of native and ancient spiritual traditions, Keith Varnum shares his 30 years of practical success as an author, personal coach, acupuncturist, filmmaker, radio host, restaurateur, vision quest guide and international seminar leader (The Dream Workshops). Keith helps people get the love, money and health they want with his FREE “Prosperity Ezine” at

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