Dogs are Heroes

Written by Rex Ryan

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On New Year’s Eve, 2004 Kathy White of Jackson County Missouri awoke in a smoke filled room, unable to see, and unsure how to escape. Her 6-month old Neapolitan mastiff – Ahbah – led her fromrepparttar house to safety.

One day before, in Cumberland. Md., David DeWitt was sleeping when a fire broke out in his house. Rocky, DeWitt’s 110-pound Rottweiler jumped on him until he woke up. DeWitt credits his dog with saving his life.

All overrepparttar 125762 world, dogs are saving people on a daily basis. There is nothing new about stories of dogs saving human’s lives. Indeed,repparttar 125763 event is so common that it generally goes unnoticed. The events above all maderepparttar 125764 press withinrepparttar 125765 last month – and no doubt most similar stories go unreported. But these stories bring joy to dog lovers all overrepparttar 125766 world. It reinforcesrepparttar 125767 unique nature ofrepparttar 125768 relationship between man and dogs. Nowhere else inrepparttar 125769 entire animal world is such a clear case of genuine affection and concern demonstrated between members of different species. While people often overlook this unique bond shared between man and dog, dog lovers understand it instinctively.

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Is Dog Obedience School for You?

Written by Tina Spriggs

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Ask if you can watch a training session or a video of a session so you get an idea of what your dog will be subjected to.

Don't make a final decision on a dog obedience school until your dog has metrepparttar trainers. Dogs are extremely good judges of character.

Forrepparttar 125761 most part, someone in this line of work is going to be a good person and a dog lover. Some, however, will be doing it just to get a paycheck and may not have your pal's best interest in mind.

If your dog doesn't like them... take another route.

You might want to considerrepparttar 125762 local 4-H club. 4-H is where I learned how to train my own dog as a child. It isn't a dog obedience school inrepparttar 125763 traditional sense. It teaches kids how to train their dogs, or a friend's dog. It's a youth education program and it provides many facets of education, one of which is often dog training.

Read more about dog training videos if you would like an alternative to dog obedience school.

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