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Halloween costume.  If it is a theme party like luau, Mardi Gras, Super Bowl, Christmas, Hanukkah, or other holiday choose a festive matching pet outfit.  Animals tend to have different diets, so bringing along pet food and bottled water is a good idea, too.  Be thoughtful by bringing your own bowls and placemat for when your pet dines.  Your pet should not rely onrepparttar hostess for any special requirements.  So, don't expectrepparttar 110037 hostess to provide your pet with a party favor.  Althoughrepparttar 110038 hostess might invite your pet, not all hostesses will think ahead of time about having party supplies for your pet, too.  Thus, prepare your pet for any possible disappointment.  Remember, glow sticks are not pet friendly party favors.

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Film & TV Music: H'wood Reporter/Billboard Conference

Written by Scott G (The G-Man)

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Chris Douridas is still most widely known for hosting radio programming on National Public Radio stations, yet it is his work as music supervisor and consultant that makes him notable inrepparttar industry. Amongrepparttar 110036 many films on which he has worked are "Shrek 2," "Underrepparttar 110037 Tuscan Sun," "One Hour Photo," "American Beauty,"repparttar 110038 "Austin Powers" films, "As Good As It Gets," and "Grosse Pointe Blank." He is a consultant for Apple's iTunes and a part of Dreamworks.

"The challenge," Douridas points out, "is finding films directed by people with a vision that includesrepparttar 110039 music." Using examples of how music selections have interacted with filmmaker's concepts, he emphasized that it is "important to haverepparttar 110040 artist invested emotionally."

The Mark ofrepparttar 110041 Composer. From his days with Devo,repparttar 110042 most dadaistic rock group ever released on a major label, up to his latest film score, Mark Mothersbaugh has brought a unique perspective to sonics andrepparttar 110043 business of having a career inrepparttar 110044 music industry. He has composed for a wide array of film and television projects, including "Rugrats" (TV, film and stage versions), "The Royal Tenenbaums," "Rushmore," "Thirteen," "Happy Gilmore," andrepparttar 110045 forthcoming films, "Lords of Dogtown" and "The Life Aquatic with Steve Zissou."

Responding to insightful and often humorous questions from Melinda Newman, Billboard's West Coast Bureau Chief, Mothersbaugh covered a wide range of topics, including composing for commercials: "I always likedrepparttar 110046 creepy way commercials work their music into your brain." He agreed with Newman that "They're subversive." Onrepparttar 110047 needs of filmmakers: "Directors are looking for music that complimentsrepparttar 110048 universe that their movie has created." On composing for so many children's television programs: "There are advantages to scoring kids shows. You can mix mambos and heavy metal."

Newman pointed out that Mothersbaugh didrepparttar 110049 music score for several films dealing with young women who were coming-of-age, including "Thirteen," "Confessions of a Teenage Drama Queen," "Drop Dead Gorgeous," and others. "Is it difficult to get intorepparttar 110050 mindset of a teenage girl?" Newman asked. "Well, wardrobe is important," Mothersbaugh replied.

Also participating duringrepparttar 110051 well-organized conference were such industry notables as Burt Berman, President of Music for Paramount Pictures, Darren Higman, Sr. VP of WMG Soundtracks atrepparttar 110052 Warner Music Group, Robert Kraft, President of Fox Music, and music editor/music supervisor Curt Sobel.

Additional observations included:

"Only go into this industry if you wake up with an ache to write or create." - Tamara Conniff, Co-Executive Editor, Billboard.

"If you're inspired to write something brilliant" for a film, even if it doesn't get utilized, "you've got another copyright for your vault." - Laurie Soriano, of entertainment law firm Manatt, Phelps & Phillips.

"The final song in a film's end credits might be called 'the janitor's song.'" - Lia Vollack.

"When I first started working in music at an ad agency, I couldn't figure out why so many mediocre people were getting to work on some great projects. Then it hit me: it was all about their connections." - Josh Rabinowitz, ofrepparttar 110053 Young & Rubicam advertising agency.

"I like using great songs in my pictures. You know, notrepparttar 110054 ones that are there forrepparttar 110055 marketing that you bury by having five seconds of it onrepparttar 110056 radio as a car drives up torepparttar 110057 camera." - Garry Marshall.

"A lot of this business is agent-driven, so we in legal are just scriveners." - Laurie Soriano.

"Imagine watching a movie withoutrepparttar 110058 music. It would lack drama, intensity, and excitement." - Tamara Conniff.

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