Dog Rescue: Is it Right for You?

Written by Blake Kritzberg

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Ask yourself these questions:

- Do I really care what colorrepparttar coat is, what sex it is or how many pounds it weighs?

If so, you really want a puppy from a breeder, not a rescue. Rescue dogs rarely conform to an exact type.

- Am I looking to save money?

You may not save money buying a rescued dog, even thoughrepparttar 125814 initial cost could be $700 or $800 less than from a breeder. Rescue dogs often need more medical care because ofrepparttar 125815 abuse and neglect they suffered before.

- Is my life relatively stable and my household relatively quiet?

All abused creatures, whether dog or human, crave and need an unusually organized household. Many people can be good parents to a rescue dog. But perhapsrepparttar 125816 best potential parent of all is an older person or couple whose children are grown, and who has time and patience to devote torepparttar 125817 dog's mental and physical healing.

- Can I provide regular medical care and regular grooming?

The deepest wish inrepparttar 125818 heart ofrepparttar 125819 Dog Rescue folks is each of their dogs never has to go through another minute of hunger, discomfort or pain again.

When dogs are starved, they sometimes have incontinence problems that heal only slowly. They may need more regular teeth cleaning than a continually cared-for dog. Some need a house training refresher when former owners didn't bother. Most were never clipped or groomed, even inrepparttar 125820 non-shedding breeds. Do you haverepparttar 125821 time and resources to keep your dog totally safe and comfortable?

- Can I considerrepparttar 125822 need and adopt a boy rescue, or an older rescue?

For reasons not entirely clear, many potential adopters go for girl dogs. There's no logic to this: all rescue dogs are spayed or neutered, and boys are as intelligent, witty, loyal, well-behaved and loving as their female counterparts. Perhaps it's just thatrepparttar 125823 rescue impulse leads us to think of "damsels in distress"!

At any rate, that adorable boy that needs a home really deserves your attention. Someone less educated might pass him by for reasons they don't fully understand.

The upshot is, a rescue dog can makerepparttar 125824 best pet you've ever had. He understands exactly what you're giving him, since he didn't have it before. Your newest family member will offer you an overabundance of loyalty forrepparttar 125825 rest of his days.

*How can I help with Dog Rescues?

Dog Rescues are always looking for help. Of course, they need financial contributions, and kennel and medical supplies. They also need 'foster moms' who performrepparttar 125826 difficult task of patiently rendering a dog adoptable, then giving it up to its final owner! So if you have skills in this area and want to help, contactrepparttar 125827 small and amazing group of volunteers that make up your local Dog Rescue.

Blake Kritzberg is happily Mom to a rescue dog, and proprietor of Poodle-oo: Fashion for the Toy Dog Breeds.

Boxers Dogs as Pets - Are they right for you?

Written by Kathy Burns-Millyard

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* "My Boxer can take up my moods or lay quietly by my feet for hours." * "Boxers are so intuitive, so easily bored and heartbroken. They arerepparttar definition of devotion and courage."

* "If I treat my Boxer puppy as an intelligent animal and talk to him almost like he's human, he is more responsive and better behaved, as though he's picking up on my sentiments byrepparttar 125813 way I am speaking to him."

* "Boxers can be very manipulative. They are a lot smarter than they look! DonĂt get taken in by their innocent-looking face or let them walk all over you no matter how much their eyes make them look like they are truly sorry."

* "Give up being house-proud and enjoy your "devil dog". DonĂt have potted plants because youĂll end up with empty pots. DonĂt run to answerrepparttar 125814 phone because youĂll be rugby-tackled and end up flat on your face."

* "Bringing a puppy or even an older dog into your home and your life is a major decision. It brings with it responsibility and commitment, but it also renders supreme joy, laughter, and sadly, but inevitably, tears. Not one of us who has ever shared his life with a Boxer would have it any other way."

* "Boxer dogs think they are human. Treat them like one - love them, talk to them, cuddle them and value them and you will get your love back unconditionally 10,000 times."

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