Dog Health Insurance Buyer's Guide

Written by Joel Walsh

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• Dog insurance coverage for emergencies begins immediately on most new dog health plans, with a 30-day waiting period for illness and other claims.

• Your dog’s age can affect your dog's health insurance coverage. Typically, policies begin veterinary healthcare coverage whenrepparttar dog is 6 to 8 weeks old, although some will start whenrepparttar 150910 dog is younger. Similarly, some dog health insurance companies only will cover dogs under 8 years old unlessrepparttar 150911 animal was already insured with them before turning 8.

• Many dog health insurers will not cover your pet if she has a preexisting condition or a terminal illness. Some will insurerepparttar 150912 dog only ifrepparttar 150913 condition is controlled or stable, usually for 6 months.

With all these options, it is important you check outrepparttar 150914 various dog health insurance companies, their pet insurance policies and corresponding dog healthcare plans.

In short, if you care about your dog, you should care about his health. If you care about your wallet, you should care about your dog's health insurance coverage, too.

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Three Important Safety Products for your Dog this Summer

Written by Nicole Martins

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You also need to check up onrepparttar fence once it is installed to make surerepparttar 150867 perimeter wire is in tact,repparttar 150868 batteries in your dog’s collar still work and if your dog has a heavy coat,repparttar 150869 area whererepparttar 150870 collar makes contact is shaven. Also, check withrepparttar 150871 manufacturer aboutrepparttar 150872 radio frequency whether is it FM or AM. FM is preferable as AM tends to pick up stray signals that may give your dog a correction even when he is not nearrepparttar 150873 perimeter ofrepparttar 150874 fence.

Another disadvantage to this type of fence is that it does not keep other animals out. For this reason people often use this type of fence in conjunction with a standard fence to keeprepparttar 150875 dog out of a garden or pool.

Safety Light collars and vests

Safety collars and vests with flashers in general are constructed with reflective fabrics and have a flashing lights attached to them. Some, such asPolyBrite™ collar and leash do more than just reflect light, they generate their own. Bothrepparttar 150876 collar and leash and give off a bright red glow and can also be set to flash. They use a replaceable watch battery that last up to 250 hours, are light weight, and above all – water resistant. You can also find a range of clip on flashing lights, fromrepparttar 150877 more durable and water proof for larger dogs to something very small and light such asrepparttar 150878 Pet Blinker. The clip on flashing lights can also be attached to a child’s coat or belt if needed.

Safety vests are a must forrepparttar 150879 working dog or if you take your dog jogging in poorly lit areas. Also essential for hunting dogs. Besides being constructed of reflective material higher end safety vests generate light and may have a flashing light for added visibility. Summer is a fun time and a great time to get out and run or swim with your pets. Even though you’ve taken safety precautions, shouldrepparttar 150880 unexpected happen to your pets it is always advisable to have pet insurance should you find yourself inrepparttar 150881 emergency room. (see: Whatever you do, have a great time this season.

Nicole Martins is author and publisher of a comprehensive resource guide to the best dog products available online.

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