Dog Health Emergencies: What Will You Do?

Written by Joel Walsh

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1. Don't wait to see what happens. While it may be nothing, you have to take action immediately in case it is poisoning. Any delay could be fatal.

2. Callrepparttar vet. (Don't knowrepparttar 151171 vet's number by heart? Right now, make sure you have putrepparttar 151172 vet's number by every telephone in your house, and in your mobile phone contacts.)

3. Followrepparttar 151173 vet's advice. Different poisoning cases sometimes have to be treated differently.

4. If you know whatrepparttar 151174 poison is, take some of it with you torepparttar 151175 vetís office.

5. If you cannot reachrepparttar 151176 vet, callrepparttar 151177 ASPCA's animal poison control center: 1-888-4ANIHELP (1-888-426-4435). Put this number by your home telephones and in your mobile phone contacts right now. A $50 fee per incident applies for this nonprofit service--it's worth it. If you don't have a credit card, they can chargerepparttar 151178 fee to your telephone bill.

Emergency 5: Dog Choking

1. Openrepparttar 151179 dogís mouth carefully and try to see what is causingrepparttar 151180 problem. It could be anything: a small ball, bone, stick, meat wrapping.

2. Pumprepparttar 151181 chest by pressing down onrepparttar 151182 ribs and releasing immediately at 5-second intervals.

3. If this doesnít dislodgerepparttar 151183 object within a few moments, rushrepparttar 151184 dog torepparttar 151185 nearest animal hospital to haverepparttar 151186 foreign object removed under anesthetic.

Dog Emergency 6: Drowning

1. Removerepparttar 151187 dog fromrepparttar 151188 water.

2. Try to getrepparttar 151189 water out ofrepparttar 151190 dog's lungs as soon as possible by pumpingrepparttar 151191 chest as for choking (see above).

3. Takerepparttar 151192 dog torepparttar 151193 vet to be checked out.

Hopefully, you will never have to handle any of these emergencies. But if you do, you haverepparttar 151194 dog health advice that you need.

Joel Walsh suggests you start here to find more information on protecting dog health: [Web publication requirement: create live link for the URL/web address using "dog health" as visible link text/anchor text.]

Are we really a nation of dog lovers?

Written by paul green

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saddens me .Everything in greyhound racing is quite often hidden fromrepparttar general public and a small minority of owners and trainers use them only for one thing, gambling. Only when these animals have given their best, they are put to sleep, and thenrepparttar 151046 younger greyhounds take their place only to endurerepparttar 151047 same fate, asrepparttar 151048 previous greyhounds before them. For this reason I have written a book onrepparttar 151049 subject and this will be out mid- August. You can pre order this e-book at. It tells you what I have seen throughout my racing days, how bookmakers never loose. It will help prospective owners what to look for when purchasing a greyhound. I hold nothing back and tell all. I am not worried if I upset or offend anyone. The book may shock some people. The governing bodies do a very good job but its not enough. Too many things are hidden from them. For this reason I hope I can highlightrepparttar 151050 problem we have and maybe change things around. There are over 10,000 greyhounds registered inrepparttar 151051 UK every year. What happens torepparttar 151052 thousands that leaverepparttar 151053 sport?

I am a 49 year old man who now works on the internet and looks after 14 x racing greyhounds

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