Doesn't Have A Clue

Written by Bob Osgoodby

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"Tired ofrepparttar "Rat Race"? Free online training and no capitol needed!" Did this guy mean "capital"? I'll hang on every word he has to say.

"Exciting,EasyandProfitable" - guess this person never learned how to use that big bar onrepparttar 101212 bottom ofrepparttar 101213 keyboard. I think you see where this article is going.

If you are going to advertise a business onrepparttar 101214 web, and you present less than a professional image - you're not going to do business. If you present yourself likerepparttar 101215 above examples, enjoy your "walk onrepparttar 101216 quiet side". Most people are not idiots, and I'm surerepparttar 101217 authors ofrepparttar 101218 above ads are not either. But why give that impression? I sure wouldn't do business with any one of them.

I read another ad for Web Design andrepparttar 101219 HTML coding in his ad was wrong. That sure built a lot of confidence.

Most people scan poorly constructed ads and simply "click away". Guess they feel like I do. If you don't care enough to write a credible ad, why should I think you'll care about me if I buy from you?

Many people rely too heavily onrepparttar 101220 spell checker on their computer. This is a mistake. After you do spell check, get someone else to read it. When writing something, many times you get so close torepparttar 101221 article, you miss mistakes that someone else would quickly find. Many words that are being used incorrectly will pass spell check.

Remember - you usually only get one "shot" when a person sees your ad. If it is well written, and has an attention getting headline, you just might make that sale. If you want to do business onrepparttar 101222 web, get serious or people will come torepparttar 101223 conclusion that you are someone who "Doesn't Have a Clue" and look elsewhere.

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Great Copy Brings Sales

Written by Bob Osgoodby

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You might have great copy, but ifrepparttar headlines are "blah" they may just click away. The use of blank lines and headings betweenrepparttar 101211 paragraphs simply makes it easier to read.

You should also be aware that there are many different line lengths used in email and in publications. Many times if your line length is too long, it will not wrap properly and you will have long and short lines, giving a jerky look, instead of ones which are uniform. Your best bet to avoid this is to use a line length of 60 or 65 characters, as even older email readers can read these lengths properly.

Most people read from left to right. It would therefore seem logical that allrepparttar 101212 text in your ad is aligned torepparttar 101213 left side ofrepparttar 101214 page. However - we are not talking about a lengthy document here. If your lines are short, and consist of only 4 or 5 lines, it might make more sense to center them onrepparttar 101215 page. This is a good idea if you are placing your ad in an ezine or newsletter. The text inrepparttar 101216 publication is left justified, and your use of a centered text ad will make it stand out.

While you might write great copy, you still might not make significant sales. The primary reason is that people seldom buy from a one-time ad. They will have to see your ad at least five to seven times before you can expect them to take any kind of action at all.

If you advertise in multiple places, userepparttar 101217 same ad in all places. People will soon start to identify with your ad, and just might takerepparttar 101218 next step.

Have you checked your copy lately? If not, you should. Great copy will bring sales.

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