Does your website need an IP Address?? Does it really matter?

Written by Domenic Macchione

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Sorepparttar above paragraph does not really say which is better, even though I would prefer my own dedicated IP for my Website. Other advantages to having a unique IP for your site is if you change servers, you can point your users to a new IP, so they don't have to wait forrepparttar 131521 domain name change to propagate. With a dedicated static IP, it can also be simpler to upload and test your site before transferringrepparttar 131522 domain name to a new server. Setting up Secure sockets (SSL) is also much simpler. You may also not want to share your IP with some sites that could lead to your site being banned by search engines or spam lists. Itís more stable having your own dedicated IP for your Website.

Nowrepparttar 131523 debate is always about search engines optimization but here is my belief; if you get added benefits of search engine optimization that would be great as well. Donít be fooled by hosting companies that do not want to provide you a static IP for you site, or charge extra for it. Donít listen to excuses aboutrepparttar 131524 shortage of IPís and that they are not needed. My company ( ) offers dedicated static IP for every website, and dedicated server we host. The reality is it costs them more money to provide this type of service with a static dedicated IPís per site and thus they most hosting companies donít provide them. When your ready to host you business, or if you already have a business on line but want extra benefits ask for a dedicated IP address for your website.

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How to create an RSS feed

Written by Allan Burns

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The latest news on widgets

Widget News

The body ofrepparttar file is made up ofrepparttar 131519 news items. Each news item is enclosed inrepparttar 131520 item tag and comprises of a title, a description and a published date. The date needs to be inrepparttar 131521 format shown inrepparttar 131522 example below.

Which is<IMG height=12 src="/the2.jpg" alt="repparttar 131523"> best Widget to?

In this article we discussrepparttar 131524 release of several new widgets, but which isrepparttar 131525 best widget.

Sun, 20 Mar 2005 14:38:50 GMT

You can have as many items inrepparttar 131526 feed as you like but many webmasters just showrepparttar 131527 10 most recent items to keeprepparttar 131528 bandwidth usage down and also so not to overwhelmrepparttar 131529 end user with too many items.

Finallyrepparttar 131530 file is ended withrepparttar 131531 closing channel tag and a closing RSS tag.

I have coveredrepparttar 131532 basic tags to create an RSS file, there are other tags that can be used and these are explained inrepparttar 131533 RSS 2.0 specification.

Once you have created your file you will need to verify it is ok, to do this uploadrepparttar 131534 file to your server and then go to this validator to validaterepparttar 131535 file. Your file is now ready. Now anyone can subscribe to your feed just by pointing their RSS reader to your RSS file.

That isrepparttar 131536 basics covered. I will be covering other areas in future articles as there is far too much information to fit into a single article.

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