Does your sales letter display confidence?

Written by Grady Smith

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Check your sales letter. Do you sound confident in it? Arerepparttar words you’re choosing stating that you’re very sure about what you’re doing? Do you show that you’rerepparttar 127375 authority onrepparttar 127376 subject, and that to pass onrepparttar 127377 offer would be crazy? Of course, you might not say that, but your sales letter should reflect it.

Write your sales letter likerepparttar 127378 product is already sold, you’re just explaining what they’re about to get. For instance, use phrases like “You’re about to learn allrepparttar 127379 marketing secrets”, or “You are also going to learn”. Just keep in mind thatrepparttar 127380 customer is already sold.

That’s not to say that you don’t want to write your sales letter inrepparttar 127381 traditional sense of selling a prospect. But you want to sprinkle it with phrases that assume anyone would makerepparttar 127382 purchase after seeingrepparttar 127383 benefits they’ll receive.

Another phrase to use is something like “You can’t afford not to purchase.” It shows confidence thatrepparttar 127384 reader has to makerepparttar 127385 purchase orrepparttar 127386 results could be disastrous.

Remember though, that customers still need to feel in control of their decision. Using phrases like “You are going to buy” sound threatening. By crafting a letter that shows confidence, but doesn’t demandrepparttar 127387 customer to buy, you’ve got a powerful sales tool that will work for you over and over again. It’s a thin line, but with practice you will soon master it.

Confidence is to carryrepparttar 127388 assumption thatrepparttar 127389 reader ofrepparttar 127390 letter will buy. You know it, and soon they’ll know it. I find that by having this assumption when writing a sales letter I convey confidence in my product. It works; you just have to try it.

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10 Secrets For Copy That Sells

Written by Grady Smith

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As an example, take a look at this article. Sentences are short and punchy. Some aren’t proper. But they getrepparttar point across and make it very easy to read.

6) USE HEADINGS: You need to have one that hooks your reader inrepparttar 127374 beginning to lead them in. Then, to keep them hooked, you should break up your copy with a few subheadings that setrepparttar 127375 hook even deeper to keep them reading.

7) UNDERLINE AND BOLD: Use this on words and phrases you want to jump out. But don’t overdo. The principal quickly becomes diluted with overuse and none of it will be read if it’s splattered everywhere.

8) EDUCATE YOUR CUSTOMER: If you can teach your readers something then they’ll believe you to be an expert. And if you can lead them to that, then chances are they’ll buy. We all want to learn fromrepparttar 127376 experts.

9) GIVE THE READER AN ORDER: Don’t leave choices torepparttar 127377 reader. If you do, they might choose to click away from your site. So, use phrases like “Click Here”, “Order Now”, or “Go Here”.

10) USE YOUR P.S.: Your P.S. will get read. Trust me. Andrepparttar 127378 way to make it work for you is to restate your offer in a different light. That way, if your heading grabbed them,repparttar 127379 restate and added benefits of your P.S. can tighten your hold and force them to readrepparttar 127380 rest of your sales letter.

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